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MARCH 2015 UPDATE: DVD #15 has finally arrived!

Here you will find a collection of back issues of Starlog Magazine, the "magazine of the science-fiction universe". Included in this set is:

A total of 308 issues (so far) on fifteen DVD-ROMs!

NOTE: This collection will continue to grow, as I am trying to get a few new issues scanned and added every week. I am scanning and adding them to the collection in numerical order, so completed discs will not have to be changed. It is my intention to make the entire 374-issue collection available in the future, if possible. The completed collection so far is as follows:

DVD #01: Issues 001-025
DVD #02: Issues 026-045
DVD #03: Issues 046-067
DVD #04: Issues 068-087
DVD #05: Issues 088-107
DVD #06: Issues 108-126
DVD #07: Issues 127-146
DVD #08: Issues 147-163
DVD #09: Issues 164-178
DVD #10: Issues 179-193
DVD #11: Issues 194-208
DVD #12: Issues 209-224
DVD #13: Issues 225-239
DVD #14: Issues 240-265
DVD #15: Issues 266-308
DVD #16: "Under Construction"

If you have already purchased a previous set, you don't need to re-purchase discs you already have. Just identify the discs you want, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. Individual discs are $5.00 each, plus shipping.

All editions are scanned into Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format, and are of excellent quality. Read them on your computer screen, ebook reader, or print the pages to make your own hard copies!

Each DVD-ROM comes with a full-color label, and is shipped in a vinyl sleeve in a padded envelope for added protection. First Class shipping upon receipt of payment. Combine sets at no additional shipping charge! NOTE: Will trade complete sets for unopened die-cast movie & TV vehicles!

An absolute must-have for any horror or science-fiction collector! Ask me about my other magazine collections.


I am willing to trade my Starlog collection on disc for the following Johnny Lightning diecast cars (see photos). If you can provide me with the car on the black card, you will get 50% off the price of the Starlog set. If you can provide the car on the red card, you will get the entire Starlog collection free. If you can provide both cars, you will get the Starlog set and your choice of any other large set from my store (Fangoria, Famous Monsters of Filmland, MAD Magazine, etc.), or your choice of two 2-disc sets. I am also willing to trade for any other movie or TV cars you might come across (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, etc.). I am only interested in cars that are still in the original, mint packaging. Store credit depends on the vehicles offered. The two Johnny Lightning cars pictured here and any of the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment vehicles will earn the most credit. Others are negotiable, based on the model. Let me know what you have to trade, and let's make a deal!