Item Description
Relive those nights at the Drive-in with a Double feature,
Cartoons, Movie previews and Classic Drive-in Concession
Commercials. Tonights activities begin with a cartoon for the
young-ons, and moves on to the Main Feature, a 1979 movie
featuring Bill Adler, and 1974 Playboy Playmate of the Year
Cynthia Woods in a show where a small-town kid hears about wild
nights of cruising the boulevard in Van Nuys California and hops in
his van to drive out, to check it out, and gets involved in drag
racing,topless dancers and bikers in "Van Nuys Blvd'. After
that, sit back and get tempted into some tasty fare with the
Concession Stand Commercials-these will take you back.  Next,
sit back and enjoy tonight's 2nd Feature movie, 1973, starring
Karen Black, Teen Idol Fabian Forte, and Paul Gleason in an
action-packed, hard hitting depliction of the infamous Ashley Gang
that terrorized the southeast in the 1920's, based on a true story.
Finally, don't forget to replace your speaker on it's stand
before leaving, and drive with your lights off until you exit the
theatre, don't worry, after the last feature, there'll be an
cartoon trailer to remind you.      
2 disc, mailed in paper sleeve with no art work or
cases.   Older, more hard to come by movies, but the high
point here is the Drive-in experience. A great way to spend about 4
hours on a dark evening. Recorded from original DVDs onto
brand new dvd-r's, and shipped in paper sleeves - NO CASES OR