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(Does not contain Counters)

3rd Edition Revised Book

Tactical Fleet Combat in Deep Space



The Terran battleship emerged from the warp point, spanning light-years in the blink of an eye. A vast of gleaming high-tech alloys, the loving work of thousands of hands, the warship shimmered within the protective bubble of its shields. Within two minutes, a swarm of self-propelled mines, and a barrage of fire that built gradually as the defending forces recovered from their surprise, tore the battleship into a million tiny shreds, leaving the surviving crew scattered amidst the debris.

It was going to be a long day for the Terran fleet.

In this updated and expanded edition of the classic game STARFIRE, players lead great space fleets through a "future history" in which interstellar superpowers clash in huge and bloody wars. Races featured in this set include the relatively peaceful Terran Federation, and the war-like Khanate of Orion, along with smaller empires such as the Empire of Gormus, the Ophiuchi Association, and the Rigelian Protectorate.

The unique STARFIRE game system allows you to design your own ships, fitting out your fleet with ships personalized to your style of play. The swift-resolution D10-only system gives you the power to maneuver large fleets without sacrificing quickness of play.

Deploy your fleet...the universe is yours!

You've fought it out, ship to ship, and won; but you do also have what it takes to command a FLEET, or with IMPERIAL STARFIRE, what it takes to run an empire! Can you adapt or will your race slip back into the universal goo?

Number of players: Two or more

Age: 12 years or older

Playing Time: Variable - 15 min. to hours

Complexity Level: Moderate

Does not come with counters, book only. Counters can be made on your computer or purchased from my store. (Sky Full of Counters)


First Contact

Expansion Set #1

"The Fourth Interstellar War had been a difficult time for all, with both the Rigellian and Arachnid menaces confronting the Grand Alliance. If only we had been able to communicate with the Arachnids, there might have been a different story to tell, but that is behind us now. In what should have been a time of strengthening alliances and reconstruction, we found ourselves confronted with two new players in the Galactic Arena. This is their story."

-Excerpt from galley proofs of "Darkness and Light" by Angus Podgorny, Terran Archivist


   First Contact - Starfire Expansion Set #1 introduces two new races to the Starfire Universe, and includes background material, ship control sheets, and scenarios which will allow you to introduce them into your Starfire game.

   The Vestrii - The appearance of the Vestrii in local space sent shock waves through the Admiralties of all the major Navies. Even taking into account the tech advances achieved during the Fourth Interstellar War, the Vestrii were further advanced and everyone realized that the enigmatic newcomers had much to offer.

   The Corsairs of Tangri - The entire nature of the Tangri reflects their society's obsessive raid-oriented philosophy. Their Horde Fleet will surely make them a worthy adversary.


Number of players: 2 or more

Age: 12+

Playing time: Variable

Complexity Level: Advanced


The Starfire Journal !



Packed with great new material, including:

The Drolian Conquest - The 19th Survey Squadron stationed in Gx-165 has seen no action for a while... but that's about to change as Khanate forces encounter the Drolians in this exciting Starfire scenario.

Gremlins! As the Starfire game system grows in size and complexity, we answer some of your frequently asked questions.

The Bulletin Board - Convention updates, advance release information, and more.

*Plus brand new Starfire Fiction!

*Worthy of Respect by Ken Burnside - Jason Mendez was proud to serve, but would he risk his life to uphold his principles?

*Stille Nacht by Timothy D. Olsen - The shattered hulk of the Monarch floats silently in the darkness. The derelict is devoid of life ... or is it?


"The answers you seek, Human, lie beyond The Maze..."

Centuries before the Vestrii entered our Universe in First Contact, they battled for their lives against two alien races-the Kess and the J'Rill-intent on erasing them from the Alkelda sector of Vestrii space.

This is the story of that defining conflict.

This is Alkelda Dawn!

Alkelda Dawn contains a campaign star map, counter sheet missing, new tech systems and weapons, 32 pregenerated star systems, simplified campaign rules, extensive background information about Vestrii, Kess, and J'Rill, and more!



"This is not an incident, Ambassador," Wu said with obvious disdain in her voice.


The Stars at War is a scenario book for the Starfire game system, and recreates all the major engagements and many more of the minor engagements of the galactic Great Powers in the years between 2205 and 2246. This dramatic period in Starfire history included the First, Second, and Third Interstellar Wars, plus the Gorm-Khanate War, which between them created the major power blocs of the explored galaxy. In addition, The Stars At War also includes Starship Control Sheets (not sure if they are in book) and class notes on all warship classes and many freighter classes, including refits and class unit names, of the participants in the scenarios. Finally, the book contains the System Data Forms which cover the Star System you will journey through as you recreate the epic battles of these turbulent times!

Admiral, the Fleet awaits your orders!


"The Line will hold!"

The scenarios in CRUSADE recreate the major and minor engagements of the Theban War of 2298-2302 (Terran Standard Reckoning). This war was unique in that it pitted the Terran Federation Navy against a race of religious fanatics dedicated to the liberation of "Holy Mother Terra" from all unbelievers...including the entire human race!

In addition to the engagements of the war, CRUSADE includes control sheets (Not sure if they are here this game is Greek to me), and class notes on the warships and fleet auxiliaries of the SHT (the Sword of Holy Terra, or Theban Navy) and the TFN, system data forms the star system in which battles were fought, an excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica featuring the Theocracy of Thebes, and historical notes and interludes to set events and personalities in perspective.

Systems developed after the Third Interstellar War are used for the first time, and the rules provide mechanics for boarding combat-something the TFN had never suspected was possible between starships until they first found their crews being swamped by hordes of Theban boarders in bloody hand-to-hand actions.

"Admiral, those aren't Terrans!"

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