Item Description
(C) 1977, from Star Wars authorized user, Bradley Time, a division of Elgin National Ind., Inc., is this precision Swiss movement electronically timed, anti-magnetic Darth Vader watch that I obtained it in 1994 as an unused collectible. I've kept it stored safely for years and when I brought it out to sell found that it did not work. I brought it to a watch repairman who verified a new battery did not solve the problem.  He said that the interior is like new and based on his experience he thinks a cleaning would render it working again. He would have charged me $75 to clean it but recommended that I sell it as is with the info that the inside was like new.  I looked to see if i could remove the backing to photograph it but wasn't able to and don't want to try further in fear of scratching it. The watch comes in original case with instructional and warranty insert as shown. The top of the case, the clear plastic, comes right off and does not have the small pins on either side that would normally fit into the side holes of the bottom case half so that it would stay up when opened from the front. Perhaps there is a way to add replacements.