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Star Trek: The Next Generation Annotated Writers Guide

The entire writers guide on CD-Rom plus tons of extras

Contained on this disk is the entire 1987 guide written by Gene Roddenberry to instruct new writers and directors about the world of Star Trek and the new characters of the NextGen. Each of the 52 pages is broken down into the original text, plus new commentary, an assortment of facts and photographs, plus trivia relevant to that section. It is formatted as a web-based file, allowing easy movement from section-to-section. You will need an internet browser to access the features of this disk ( but if you are reading this you must already have that).

Partial list of annotations:

  • Suggested names for the new series
  • Working titles for episodes
  • Bios for cast members
  • How profitable is Star Trek?
  • Famous quotes
  • Trivia
  • TOS crossovers
  • What is considered canon?
  • Goofs
  • "Wesley saves the day"
  • Where's Worf?
  • The Ferengi
  • "Ode to Spot"
  • Pre-production sketches

Disk comes in a plastic jewel case.

This is a unique item that any Star Trek fan would love.

CD will be shipped well protected.

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