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Enterprise Flight Manual From Star Trek: The Motion Picture

This is a restoration of the actual manual used by the actors and crew during the filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Restoration consisted of tracking down the history of various versions known to be in circulation, weeding out the bootleg versions and information added after filming, and photosetting new pages from the restored data. This is the most accurate version currently available (unless you are Rick Sternbach, original illustrator of the manual).

Background: As a collector, I have three versions of this Flight Manual in my collection; a copy the came directly from the struck set after filming that was heavily worn and washed-out, a copy purchased years ago at a convention, and a copy purchased in a recent estate auction. Each copy contained small changes in the information. My set copy had photocopies of hand-written notes hole-punched and stuck between the actual pages giving notes to the actors. The convention copy had those notes typed and incorporated into the existing pages. The estate copy was a mix of both. There are two other versions I have found; a version shown on the  website and the version sold by Rick Sternbach several years ago.

Armed with the desire to know if there was an "official" version of this important book, I started researching the history, coming up with following guide for collectors:

  • Firstly, there could be a mix of "official" manuals used on the set because the set construction and lighting people did not need to have the actors instruction pages. Not having these pages does not automatically render your copy bootleg.
  • The original cover was a blue/green manila card stock. This has not aged well, existing copies are yellowed and discolored.
  • The original cover art consisted of two images taken from the 1975 Franz Joseph U.S.S. Enterprise Blueprints: the cropped exterior profile view of the ship superimposed over the deck 6 detail plan (bonus points if you already knew that). There was no model of the movie Enterprise during the creation of this manual, and the Magicam model created for the Phase II was slightly different from the model build for the movie.
  • The original cover contained the following wording: "ENTERPRISE" FLIGHT MANUAL, FEB 1978, Copyright 1978 Paramount Pictures Corporation" and may have added "This material is not for publication of reproduction. No one is authorized to dispose of same". I would not discount either version as not being used on-set.
  • Later versions would add "Production Designers: Hal Michelson - Joseph R. Jennings, Console Design and Book Graphics: Lee Cole, Additional Console Design: Lew Splittgerber - Dan Maltese & Rick Sternbach". I do not believe this appeared on the set versions for two reasons: the typewriter font is different and Mr. Sternbach was not involved in production until later.
  • The version sold by Rick Sternbach had a completely different cover design: a profile view of the movie version Enterprise and the wording "U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, Consititution Class Refit, Flight Control Familiarization Manual, Star Trek: The Motion Picture". 

The restored manual is 60 pages and comprises the following:

  • Original Bridge layout, including the Bridge Transporter and Weapons Alcove
  • Communications Console
  • Environmental Control Console
  • Weapons Alcove, both old and new
  • Bridge Transporter
  • Damage & Repair
  • Security
  • Engineering
  • Tractor Beam
  • Science Station
  • Helm/Navigation
  • Captain's Chair
  • Engine Room Consoles
  • Briefing Room
  • Transporter Room
  • Kirk's Quarters
  • Medical Lab
  • Epsilon 9 Station Consoles (built from pieces of the Bridge set)
  • Cover art from four of the known versions of this manual.

Manual will ship well-protected by First Class Mail. International shipping will be $9.00 USD