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    * Title:  Yurihwa
    * Also known as: Stained Glass Window
    * Genre: Melodrama, Romance
    * Episodes: 18
    * Broadcast network: SBS
    * Broadcast period: 2004-Dec-01 to
    * Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
During their childhood, Dong Joo and Gi Tae are both
abandoned by their real parents. In the orphanage, they grow up
like brothers and become best friends. Ji Soo transfers to the
school where Dong Joo and Gi Tae attends. At the same time, they
both fall in love with her. While trying to get Ji Soo's ocarina,
Dong Joo is caught in the river and is presumed drowned. A Japanese
couple adopted him after he was rescued in the river and he became
a heir to their corpotate throne. Meanwhile Gi Tae takes Dong Joo's
place in Ji Soo's affections and they later become a couple. Twelve
years later, Dong Joo, as a Japanese gentleman, returns to Korea
and his feelings for Ji Soo begin to develop and his friendship
with Gi Tae begin to unravel.
    * Kim Ha Neul as Shin Ji Soo
    * Lee Dong Gun as Han Dong Joo / Yuichi
    * Kim Sung Soo as Park Ki Tae
    * Jo Yi Jin as Park Tae Hee / Mako (Ki
Tae's sister)
    * Shim Ji Ho as Shin Ji Suk (Ji Soo's
    * Kim Se Ah as Chae Yoon Suh
    * Ahn Hye Ran as Shim Joo Kyung (Ji Soo's
    * Yoo Min as Jang Soo Yeon
    * No Joo Hyun as President Park (Ki Tae's
    * Lee Eung Kyung as Cha Jin Joo (Ki Tae's
    * Han In Soo as Shin Jae Man / Yukio
    * Kuroda Fukumi as Keiko Yamamoto (Dong
Joo's adoptive mother)
    * Kaneko Noboru as Tani Masato
    * Lee Hee Do
    * Park Eun Bin as young Ji Soo
    * Lee Pung Woon as young Dong Joo
    * Kim Hak Joon as young Gi Tae
    * Jung Hyung Min as young Ji Suk 
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