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The Plot: Hepburn is Terry Randall, the daughter of a business
tycoon who has recently decided to become an actress. Terry
figures that there’s nothing to acting—one just goes up on stage
and speaks the lines. However, Terry wishes to succeed in theatre
without her father’s powerful influence. Mr. Randall backs the
production and makes a deal with producer Anthony Powell
(Adolphe Menjou; who gives a delightful performance and gets
some great lines) to get Terry the lead so she can fail miserably
and get show biz out of her system. Terry’s wealthy background
and shallow pursuit of stardom rubs the other girls of the
Footlights Club boardinghouse the wrong way and she
develops an instant rival in Ginger’s Jean Maitland character.
The two have wonderful scenes together, trading caustic barbs
in a see-saw battle of acid wits. However, Terry’s getting the
lead over another roommate, the emotional fragile and
creepy Kaye, leads to tragedy and Terry finally understands
that being an actress involves more than merely reading the
lines; one must feel the same things as the person they're playing.