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This mini-series has never officially been released in any format!

Spyship was written by James Mitchell (creator of Callen) based on the book of the same name by Tom Keene and Brian Haynes about a real-life incident involving a British fishing ship and the KGB. The mini-series was shown on the BBC in six 1-hour parts in 1983. This set includes all six episodes on 3 dvds.

As can be seen in the screencaps, each episode is timecoded in the upper-left corner.

Tom Wilkinson ... Martin Taylor
Peter Eyre ... Francis Main
Lesley Nightingale ... Suzy Summerfield
Michael Aldridge ... Sir Peter Hillmore
Paul Geoffrey ... Simon Tate
Philip Hynd ... Evans
David Burke ... Rokoff

Screencaps used to illustrate this listing are taken directly from this set with no additional enhancement.

This series has not been officially released on dvd.

* completely uncut
* no commercials
* simple menus with thumbnails
* all credits
* TDK dvd-r , plain sleeves
* PAL /region 0 or NTSC /region 0