Item Description
High elastic framework, PC lens, flexibility, impact
resistance!!!!! Brand: SPYDER Material: colorful coating, double PC
resin lens; High elastic engineering plastic frame Features:
Breathe freely sponge reserved gap on both sides, convenient
wearing glasses Professional special prevent mist processing, a bit
does not affected by temperature difference influence. The lens
have after coating of UVA and UVB ultraviolet (long) (UVC), medium
wave ultraviolet (uv) short wave function. 100% The surface is lens
strengthen treatment, good resistance to impact and abrasion. Wide
soft face seal, make when wearing a very comfortable. Adjustable
elastic, suitable for all kinds of face needs. Videos of open, can
block winds, XueLi, the fog and various strong light. Human
engineering design, clearance, no metal accessories ventilation
more security. Have good flexibility, impact resistance
performance. Functions: To prevent the cold wind stimulate an eye,
prevent ultraviolet rays, snow reflective burns eyes; The fog,
can't afford to mirror after the fall of facial ministry won't ski
mirror cause injury; All code, with cow with reasonable adjustment
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