Item Description
Anybody up for a little bondage/rape fantasy? Basically a shot on video (SOV) fetish-fest masquerading poorly as a slasher, Spine is one of the rarest 1980s VHS horror tapes of all time. Obscure? Definitely. Useless? Even more so. Rather than over-sleazing us with gore and/or uncomfortable situations throughout (ala SOV gagger 555), Spine saves it all up 'til the end. Unfortunately, "it" isn't much. Fantastic jogging outfits. Inadvertent Bill Murray Caddyshack impressions. Gross misuse of "state of the art" computers. And yes, a leering, dry-hump rape scene after 30 minutes of bondage tedium. My Trans Am is officially out of gas.Decked out with mirrored sunglasses, a Trans Am (yes!), and tight-ass jeans, the killer should be on a stage. He's not. Instead, our boy cuts up nurses and scrawls the name "Linda" on walls with their blood. But we don't get to see it. The cops clue us in with terrific detail; "He's one for five with the rapes!" and "He's obviously pissed off at somebody named Linda!" Soon enough, the plot begins to follow Carrie ("I go to swap meets a lot.") and her friend Leah. They're house-sitting. They work as nurses. The killer shows up at the house. Ropes, a switchblade, and baby-talk lead to a tired explanation and an even more exhausting "twist". Has it only been 72 minutes?When the blood finally flows, there's a split-second, grimy shudder to the air of Spine. On the horror end, that's all we get. One-time directors John Howard and Justin Simmonds mastered the use of stationary tripods, mumbling actors, and zoom buttons. However, instead of using their terrific non-prowess for good (see Blood Lake for a great example), the two crafted a plodding pet project that caters to bent freaks!ships in a plain sleeve w/ no artwork