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Spike Milligan - A true comedy giant
Although it is now showing its age and can, in places, offend the 'right on' and politically correct factions, Milligans 'Q' series is a work of twisted, surreal, lunatic genius. On television, nothing that came before it and very little that followed has had the same impact. Although Spike Milligan can be something of an acquired taste it is well worth checking out if you get the chance. Bursting with energy, full of wild characters, bizarre situations and wonderfully understated in-jokes, and of course Milligans ad-libs and fits of giggles 'Q' should be essential viewing for any fan of comedy, if only for an insight in the uniqueness of certain aspects of British humour.

this series is as rare as hen's teeth!!!!!!!!! although not of todays video standards , the odd glich here and there it is extremely watchable and hilarious


The Entire Series on plain disc in plastic wallet - has never been released commercially