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Beginning in November of 1994, John
Semper and crew launched the most
accurate portrayal of
Peter Parker to be animated to date. Where
previous animated incarnations focused on action,
this version provided the same three dimensional
Peter Parker found in the comics.
Complete with the familiar supporting cast, a
lovelife, doting Aunt May, and grumpy
Jonah Jameson, the show places Peter during his
college years at ESU.
In the 65 episodes,
Spidey faced almost all of the major
Spidey villains, old and new (except
the absence of the Sandman). Even the comic's
second stringers like Rocket Racer, Madame
Web, and even the Prowler have made appearances
on the show!
Spider-Man was one of Fox Kid's prize
possessions, ranking with and even above other hits such
as Power Rangers,
Digimon, and X-Men. Even after the
series ended, it still had an impact on the
entertainment industry, boosting sales of
myriads of
Spidey merchandise and popularity. It
it's own sequel series, the short lived
Spider-Man Unlimited, which followed
adventures on
Imagine being able to sense danger, crawl any
wall, be strong enough to bend steel, and have
more agility than any other human? For Peter
Parker, this is a fact.
Except he doesn't think of it
as a gift.
In his final year of High School, Peter Parker
was bitten by an irradiated spider. After brief
hallucinations, Peter wakes up with incredible
powers--much like that of a spider. Thus, to make
some extra cash, Peter takes on the persona of
Spider-Man, and tries to pursue a career as a
pro wrestler. When he witnesses a robbery, he
lets the criminal escape, simply because "it's not
his problem". Then, when his dear Uncle Ben is
killed, Peter finds that the murderer is none other
than the criminal he failed to stop
Now, Peter uses his powers to stop crime, as he
learns that "With great power, comes great
Languages: English.
Audio: Stereo.
Picture Format: Full Screen.
Length: (approx) 25-30 minute episodes
- 1950 minutes (30+ HOURS).
Other: Advanced Interactive Menus,

Spiderman theme
plays while you select the episode you wish to view.

Volume 1

1. Night Of
The Lizard
2. The Sting Of The Scorpion
3. The Spider Slayer
4. The Return Of The Spider Slayers
5. The Menace Of Mysterio
6. Doctor Octopus Armed And Dangerous
7. The Alien Costume, Part 1
8. The Alien Costume, Part 2
9. The Alien Costume, Part 3
10. Kraven The Hunter
11. The Hobgoblin, Part 1
12. The Hobgoblin, Part 2
13. Day Of The Chameleon
14. The Insidious Six
15. Battle Of The Insidious Six
16. Hydro-Man
17. The Mutant Agenda
18. Mutants' Revenge
19. Morbius
20. Enter The Punisher
21. Dual Of The Hunters
22. Blade, The Vampier Hunter
23. The Immortal Vampire
24. Tablet Of Time
25. Ravages Of Time
26. Shriek Of The Vulture
27. The Final Nightmare
28. Doctor Strange
29. Make A Wish
30. Attack Of The Octobot
31. Enter The Green Goblin
32. Rocket Racer
33. Framed
34. The Man Without Fear
35. The Ultimate Slayer
36. Tombstone
37. Venom Returns

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