Item Description
Snuff Mill Grinder - Large Metal Herb Grinder

Tired of crushing and trying to grind your herbs with your bare hands? Fed up of those low quality hand held grinders available in the market? Are you sick of using scissors to chop up your herb? Well, snuff mill grinder is the answer to all of your problems.

If you buy this large snuff grinder, you will no longer have worry about getting your hands dirty with herbs or not being able to enjoy the entire pleasure. These large grinders will work their magic on your herb and come out with a perfectly fine blend of pristine goodness.

Metal Snuff Grinders Essential Features:

• Able to grind a large amount into an ultra fine density;

• Have a convenient handle on top to easily twist;

• Have a swivel head and easily folds up for easy storage;

• Are made with top quality metal and last many years;

• Are easy to clean and maintain;