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Round Speed Welding Nozzle for plastic welding


   5.2mm   Round Speed Welding Nozzle[model:A]


Hot-Air Welding

Welding is used for polypropylene, polythene, PVC and polycarbonate. The welding rod must be of the same material.

Ensure that the speed welding nozzle is clean with sharpcutting edges.

The parts to be welded must be supported in place and blocked to ensure air cannot escape through the seam.

The welding nozzle should be held so that the air slot is parallel with the seam to be welded. At the end of the weld, the rod is cut with the cutting edge by means of a twist of the wrist. The shoe at the end of the nozzle should force the softened welding rod into place. (fig 9)

To weld slowly, set the heat to a lower setting.

To finish off an awkward or unsightly weld, the excess material can be cut away with a stanley knife, ground away with a file or tooled using the gun and a cold screwdriver or chisel.

Speed Welding

The use of speed welding tips on our hot air tools increases the both the concentration of hot air and the amount of profile welding material that can be deposited in one pass. Generally, welding with this method results in welding speeds up to 15 times faster than pendulum welding. The welding process itself, as shown below, is the same as the pendulum method with the exception that the speed welding nozzle is used to guide the rod onto the welding joint.

  Speed Welding


Plastics Recognition

Take a small sliver or shaving of the material to be welded and light it with a flame, observe and smell the smoke.

  • For PVC: blackish smoke and acrid smell.
  • For Polyethylene (PE): no smoke, the melted material drips like candle wax and smells of wax.
  • For Polypropylene (PP): no smoke, the melted material drips like candle wax and smells of burnt oil.
  • For Polyamide (PA): no smoke, melted material pulls to form a thread and smells of burnt horn.
  • For Polycarbonate (PC): yellowish sooty smoke, sweet smell.
  • For ABS: blackish smoke, sooty flakes, sweet smell.
    Welding Rod types & Suggested Welding Temperatures
Plastic Welding Material
Suggested Temperature (°C)
Hard PVC rod
Soft PVC rod
Hard PE rod
Hard PE tape
Soft PE rod
Soft PE tape
PP rod
PP tape
PA rod
PC rod
ABS rod
ABS tape


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