Item Description


1. Professional for Nail polishing
2. speed :0 -30 000 r / min
3. overload protection with automatic safety system (reset function)
4. After a long period of operation, no noise, no vibration or heat, to ensure the smooth operation of the
5. ergonomic design, suitable to work on reducing fatigue.
6.5 kinds of different colors of the control box for users to choose
7. Manual / foot switch, stepless function

1. handle not idle, to be fitted with contacts.
2. Do not use non-original accessories.
3. forbidden hard impact, in particular, handles the mouth, afraid to fall straight.
4. bearing non-fuel.
5. maintain a safe distance from children can not touch.
6. Please keep using the environment clean.
7. Do not overload the machine.
8. to prevent accidental starting.
9. to determine the voltage volts socket fit.
10. product starts, do not touch by hand.
11. Keep away from water and fire.
12. Use goggles to prevent the use of the dust generated when sprayed into the eyes.
13. grinding head will gradually wear, then remove the old grinding, replacement of the grinding head.
14. Be sure to turn off the power when not in use, to ensure safety

Three colours can be chosen