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Here's German gore director Timo Rose's 2003 monster epic Space Wolf! A group of criminals are gathered in the forest by a psychologist for an agressive therapy session. Of course, the proceedings quickly deteriorate into arguments, fist fights, thievery, and a stabbing. To make things even worse, a vicious space monster is running wild in the forest slicing up the stray criminals with it's razor sharp claws! Space Wolf stars several regulars from the German independent movie scene including Andreas Pape and Sebastian Gutsche., who's acting ranges from below average to completely wooden. However, the grisly special effects and creature design is handled by director Olaf ittenbach (The Burning Moon, Black Past) and as usual his gore FX steal the show (he also appears in a cameo as a drunk). In German language with English subtitles. This ones a must for all German shot-on-video completists!

ships in a plain sleeve with no artwork