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WE ARE OFFERING: Title: Space Battleship Yamato - Live Action DVD (ENG SUB) - Deluxe Version Genre: Japanese Drama Dialogue / Language: Japanese Subtitles: English / Chinese / Malay / off No. of Disc & Region: 1 DVD Box Set (NTSC - All Region) Starring: Takuya Kimura Story Line: 2011 Release In the distant future, the nearly-defeated forces of humanity lose a major battle to evil alien invaders the Gamilas, retreating back to a radiation-soaked, nigh-uninhabitable Earth, where they hatch one last-ditch scheme to save the population with a toxin-killing device supposedly sent from a benevolent species, located on the distant planet Iscandar. Earth's last hope is the giant star-cruising battleship Yamato; armed with a wave motion cannon capable of destroying massive Gamilas ships, the Yamato is launched with a ragtag crew including angsty hotshot Susumu Kodai, stoic bearded captain Okita, and spunky fighter pilot Yuki. The Yamato must race against time and across treacherous space to find this mysterious device and defeat the insidious Gamilas.