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Space 1999 Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual

The classic fan-produced book in a high-resolution CD

BONUS: Includes the new Eagle spacecraft blueprints

In 1977 Starlog released the Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook. I still have my copy and have talked with Geoffrey Mandell about his contribution. This book was well received by fans but for some reason Starlog never followed-up with the promissed suppliments. Later, fans in Georgia updated the pages and incorporated color graphics to replace the original black & white images. This CD takes high-resolution JPEG scans of these pages and incorporates them in a web-based framework with hundreds of additional images. The CD also includes all pages in the PDF format.

All 90 pages of the original manual have been included here, along with the bonus set of Eagle Blueprints. The CD is essentially an entire self-contained website, allowing you to navigate using your web browser (You do not need to be connected to the internet to use this CD). Works on PC's and MAC computers.

International shipping will be $6.00 USD

Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual Includes:

  • History of Moonbase Alpha

  • External Structures

  • Launch Pad Details

  • Level by level detail of internal structures

  • Main Mission

  • Command Center

  • Medical Center

  • Life Support/Weapons Section

  • Living Unit Detail

  • Travel Tube

  • Communications Post Detail

  • Commlock

  • Stun Gun

  • Laser Cannon

  • Uniforms

  • Profiles

  • Time Line

  • Complete Episode Guide

  • BONUS: Eagle Transport Blueprints

Some sellers on eBay offer a CD containing over 7,000 blueprints and technical manuals on one disc. While this may sound like a great deal, the resolution on that disc is the bare minimum to save disc space. I would advise you to steer clear of that seller.

This CD is crammed with high-resolution JPEG images and PDF files. The JPEG images can be edited and used in your own projects.

10 Reasons why you should buy this book on CD:

  1. Images can be enlarged to show detail.
  2. Using the PDF format will allow you to print as many copies as you want.
  3. The original book is thirteen-years out of print.
  4. It takes up less space on your bookshelf.
  5. You can use the images for desktops and screen savers.
  6. CD's last longer.
  7. You can load it on multiple computers.
  8. Images are more vivid.
  9. Way better than the new print version.....and the best reason for owning a digital copy...
  10. You cannot get coffee stains on a digital copy.