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NEW Space 1999 Episode Checklist Poster

Special: Order two or more posters, mix and match, and shipping is FREE!  (Buyers must wait for me to issue a corrected invoice)

All 48 episodes shown in order and listing the broadcast date.

You rate the episodes from 1 (Terrible) to 5 (Excellent) in the space provided next to each episode. That's right, you decide if "The Rules of Luton" is better or worse than "Brian the Brain". Frankly, I love them all, fondly remembered from my childhood.

The color of the border tells you the broadcast season: 

  • White is season 1 episodes
  • Red  is season 2

Lets see how much you remember:

  1. What was the name of the only 2-part episode?
  2. Who ruled the planet Luton?
  3. On what date in the year 1999 was the Moon blasted out of Earth Orbit?
  4. In what episode did Christopher Lee guest star?
  5. In what episode did Peter Cushing guest star?
  6. Space 1999 was originally intended to loosly serve as the sequel to what 1979/1980 Gerry Anderson television show?
  7. "Black Sun" concerns a collision with a stellar object that would now be classified as a ______?
  8. Which episode sees the Moon used as a gun platform for two warring planets?
  9. Which episode contained Joan Collins?
  10. According to legend, which Space 1999 actor was considered for the role of Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek?

Response to my first Episode Checklist Poster, Star Trek TOS, has been fantastic. This poster is the perfect conversation-starter. I have several hanging in the Quality Lab where I work  (Trek, Lost-In-Space, UFO)  and everyone stops and examines them. Most people only remember certain episodes but I have discovered several fans and closet Trekkies because of these posters. Each episode is represented by one iconic image which is sure to stir your memory.

Fans will love it as a colorful reference of their favorite show. The poster would make an excellent distraction in a waiting room or doctor's office (the detail would take your mind off your root canal, etc.)

Poster measures 17" x 22" and is professionally printed on #100 gloss-coated paper. Poster is shipped rolled in a sturdy tube for maximum protection. I am working on an entire series of Episode Checklist Posters for your favorite Science Fiction shows.

I do not sell at conventions, but I would entertain dealer inquires.



  1. "Bringers of Wonder"
  2. Plants
  3. September 13th.
  4. "Earthbound"
  5. "Missing Link"
  6. UFO
  7. Black Hole
  8. "The Last Enemy"
  9. "Mission of the Darians"
  10. Martin Landau