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Have you ever noticed how warm the back of your console gets after even a short amount of use?
Heat is slowly damaging your PS3's brittle motherboard solder connections!

This leads to:
-Short console lifespan
-Hardware failures
-Graphics lagging or artifacts
-Freezing and crashing
-Loss of data
-No video
-Yellow Light of Death
-Red Light of Death

Works on all PS3 models, Fat and slim.

The PS3 Fan booster modification chip protects your PS3 from failure by increasing the PS3 fan speed for ideal airflow and cooling.

Much more effective than add on external fans that do not increase airflow where it's needed most.

PS3 will still control fan if more cooling is needed.

Chip comes tested and pre-wired. Instructions included.

Easy installation, no soldering required. Just strip insulation from 2 wires, wrap and tape. Ground wire fastens to shield screw.

Requires partial disassembly of PS3. Disassembly voids Sony warranty. Not endorsed or affiliated with Sony Entertainment. Use at your own risk.



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