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Features and Benefits
Dual RW/R DVD Burner to the Rescue!
Confused about the various DVD recordable/rewritable formats? Concerned about making the wrong decision? Sony's high performance DRX-510UL Dual RW DVD burner for your PC brings together all the popular formats in a single drive: DVD+R and DVD+RW, as well as CD-R and CD-RW. Expect performance from this drive, capable of burning the most popular DVD formats at 4X max. and CDs at up to 24X max. The drive comes bundled with powerful software from Veritas, Sonic Solutions, ArcSoft, CyberLink, and MusicMatch to help you get the most out of your drive.
Create and share home movies, preserve old tapes on DVD, backup your system, create self-running slide shows of your digital pictures, create your own original music CDs and so much more.
Connecting the drive to your PC is easier than ever, thanks to built-in Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and i.LINK (IEEE1394/FireWire compatible) interfaces.
Own a Sony DRX-510UL and you'll never have to worry about which DVD format will become the industry standard, this drive does them all!
Sony DRX510UL Highlights & Features
All popular DVD formats are supported
Eliminates the worry in choosing a DVD recorable drive
Maximum compatibility
Choose the DVD recordable media with the optimal compatibility with your playback hardware
High performance CR-R/RW burning
Drive functions as a high performance CD burner too
Powerful software bundle
Industry standard applications for creating and editing DVD vieo discs from camcorder/VCR tapes, backing up your valuable data, sotring and sharing large files, watching DVD moveis on your PC, and so much more
Dual Interface
External drive supports both USB 2.0 and i.LINK (IEEE 1394) connections
Sony DRX510UL Specifications
Drive Type:
External Combination DVD+R/-R, DVD+RW/-RW, CD-R/RW Drive
Media & Modes Supported:
CD: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM (XA), CD Extra, Video CD, Photo CD, CD Text, multi-session
Read/Write Speed:
Write (DVD-R) 1x, 2x, 4x max.
Write (DVD-RW) 1x, 2x max.
Write (DVD+R) 2.4x, 4x max.
Write (DVD+RW) 2.4x, 4x max.
Write (CD-R) 4x, 12x, 16x, 24x Z-CLV max.
Write (CD-RW) 4x, 10x, 16c max.
Read (DVD-ROM) 12x max.
Read (CD-ROM) 32x max.
Sustained Data Transfer Rate:
11.4 MB/s (8x DVD-ROM)
Average Access Time:
200 ms (DVD 8x)
160 ms (VD 32x)
USB 2.0
USB 1.1 (supported at significantly slower speeds)
i.LINK (IEEE1394 / FireWire compatible)
Burst Transfer Rate:
400 Mbit/s (i.LINK interface)
480 Mbit/s (USB 2.0 interface)
Buffer Memory:
8 MB
Drive Mounting:
Horizontal or Vertical
Dimensions (WxHxD):
6.50" x 2.10" x 9.72"
90 day SONY STORAGE warranty
Package Contents
Sony DRX510UL Drive, Burning Software, Cables, Owner's manual

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