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Oxford EQ
Oxford Dynamics
Oxford Inflator
Oxford Transient Modulator
Oxford Reverb
Oxford Limiter
Oxford EQ
The concept behind Sonnox's Oxford EQ plug-in is to provide
an EQ that does what an analog EQ does and then add in the extra
features that only digital technology can provide. Most EQ plug-ins
are based on a lookup table. That means when you sweep through the
frequencies and gain control, you are actually sweeping through
presets. Your settings are determined by the software designer's
choices, not yours, or the requirements of the music. The Sonnox
Oxford EQ does its calculations on the fly using 48-bit double
precision calculation. The result is that you get the frequencies
you select, not the software designer. The Sonnox Oxford EQ also
features four different selectable EQ types that cover the EQ
styles currently popular amongst professional users, including some
legacy styles which are renowned for their artistic capability. It
is a fully functional 5-band application with selectable shelf
settings on LF and HF sections. Additionally, separate variable
slope low pass and high pass filters are provided.
Oxford Dynamics
The Oxford Dynamics plug-in is modeled on the extremely
flexible and capable unit used in the OXF-R3 professional mixing
console. Resulting from many years research into professional
dynamics applications, it offers separate Compress, Limit, Expand,
Gate, and side chain EQ functions, with full independent control of
all parameters. Features such as selectable time constant curves
and variable soft compress functions allow the user to confidently
tackle all common uses of compression, from subtle unobtrusive
level control and mastering functions to the production of great
artistic effects. The use of a feed-forward architecture with
logarithmic side chain processing, making use of look-ahead
techniques, ensures exemplary sonic characteristics and dynamic
accuracy, with an artistic capability simply unavailable from other
single units, analogue or digital. This highly sophisticated and
professional product has the power and flexibility to obviate the
need for many of the separate applications most users keep for
specific uses.
Oxford Inflator
No matter how limited, compressed and crushed your program
may already be the Inflator will provide even more loudness, it
will even add volume to a full-scale white noise signal or add
musicality to previously clipped signals! The Oxford Inflator was
developed in response to requests from mixing and mastering
engineers who are required to compete on the basis of the overall
apparent loudness of their final results.U se the Oxford Inflator
to produce louder mixes than you thought possible without overloads
or compression pumping, or use it to add natural warmth and
character to acoustic or jazz mixes. Use it on single instruments
to add presence, softness and depth, or use it on percussion and
drum tracks to produce amazing dynamic presence, tightness and
Oxford Transient Modulator
The Oxford Transient Modulator allows dynamic level of
signals to be modified by the transients in the program material
over time. You can bring transient events in the program forward,
or push them into to the background, so the attacks of instruments
can be accentuated or softened depending on settings. The Oxford
Transient Modulator was developed to address the common situation
where there is a need to selectively tighten up percussive
instruments or soften the unwanted percussive effects of acoustic
musical instruments. These effects are easily achieved with the
Transient Modulator, making it a true "secret weapon."
Oxford Reverb
Combining reverb modeling with an unprecedented level of
control, the concept behind the Sony Oxford Reverb is to provide
the users with the highest technical and sonic performance coupled
with artistic and creative facility. As well as providing stunning
presets, the Oxford Reverb allows full control over its many
parameters, including a very comprehensive reflections section and
integrated 5-band EQ. The Oxford Reverb allows the powerful
facility to create virtual spaces freely depending on artistic
need, ranging from dry reflection ambiences, room and hall
simulations, sound effects, all the way to wide open reverberant
spaces with a very large range of possible texture and spacial
character.The sonic quality is stunning. We've never heard a
plug-in based on artificial reverb techniques that sounds as
natural as the Sony Oxford Reverb. It gives you impression of
sitting in the room, being able to touch the walls of wood or
Oxford Limiter
The Oxford Limiter has been developed from decades of
professional audio experience to provide a very high degree of
quality and facility in program limiting functions. By employing
highly accurate logarithmic sidechain processing, along with
innovative adaptive timing functionality using look-ahead signal
acquisition, the Oxford Limiter provides exemplary performance,
whether seeking general transparent level control, program loudness
maximization or heavily applied artistic sound effects.The Oxford
Limiter provides additional processing in the form of its unique
Enhance function, which allows unprecedented volume and punch to be
applied to your program beyond that available from conventional
limiting functions, without incurring the risk of producing either
peak sample overloads or reconstructed errors in end-user
Sonnox Elite
Oxford EQ
Oxford Dynamics
Oxford Inflator
Oxford Transient Modulator
Oxford Reverb
Oxford Limiter