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Tinamou - Ynambu Samba Whistle #9
Perfect for Musicians,Bird Lovers and Collectors......from the Rain Forest to your lips..NEW !
Through the years, whistles have evolved into an important element of traditional Brazilian Samba. Their unique and versatile musical voice has helped to shape the definitive musical sound and style commonly known today as "Latin" music. Most interestingly, Samba whistles, many with triple tones and intricate rhythmic possibilities, have become a standard piece on the performing percussionists table.
Mine is authentic, handcrafted by Brazilian artisans,all done in rosewood offering the very best in traditional Samba whistle design and tone.
The whistle is about 2" high and produces an amazing sound.
A real Loud Samba Powerhouse !It emulates the call for the Tinamou/Ynambu , a bird belonging to the family Tinamus, Genus Crypterullus. The most popular species are the Inhambu-Xororo and the Inhambu-Chinta. They are found in almost all of Brazil preferring the hot climate of bushy forests and abandoned plantations . They obey to the call better in the months of October trough January
How to use in nature:
Start with long chirps to locate
the birds in the surrounding area (a long blow and a short blow, plugging and
unplugging the orifice respectively.) Notice that on the sides of the whistle
there are two orifices, one on each side. Blow, plugging the side orifices, unplugging
them partially at the end of each blow of which there should be 3. Pause for a
short time and repeat the 3 blows in the same way however, ending the same
sequence with very short blows, with the orifices plugged and with a rapid
descending cadence. Once you have located the bird chirp the male call for some
time by performing two blows, the first of which is longer and with the
orifices unplugged, and the second which is shorter and with the orifices

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