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Every surviving episode of Softly Softly and Softly Softly Task Force still in existence, very rare classic 60s/70s Police Drama.

All 39 Surviving Episodes come on 8 DVDs

Softly Softly - S01E14 - A to Z
Softly Softly - S02E05 - Sleeping Dogs
Softly Softly - S02E07 - Find The Lady
Softly Softly - S03E09 - The Hunt
Softly Softly - S03E12 - The Bombay Doctor
Softly Softly - S03E21 - Unfinished Business
Softly Softly - S04E01 - Theory
Softly Softly - S04E05 - Take Them in Singles
Softly Softly - S04E06 - Red Herring
Softly Softly - S04E07 - Five Pair O' Hands
Softly Softly - S04E09 - An Old Song
Softly Softly - S04E11 - For a Rainy Day
Softly Softly - S04E12 - Assistence
Softly Softly - S04E13 - Equal Status
Softly Softly - S04E15 - Going Quietly
Softly Softly - S04E17 - Departure
Softly Softly - S04E18 - Cross Reference
Softly Softly - S04E19 - Run For The Hills
Softly Softly - S04E20 - Pressure
Softly Softly - S04E21 - A Quantity of Gelignite
Softly Softly - S04E22 - Critical Path
Softly Softly - S04E23 - Persistence
Softly Softly - S04E24 - Second Chance
Softly Softly - S04E25 - How's The Wife Then
Softly Softly - S04E26 - Right To Search
Softly Softly - S04E27 - Proved Connection
Softly Softly - S05E04 - Error of Judgement
Softly Softly - S05E05 - Dead Aboard
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E03 - A Quiet Man
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E04 - No Way
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E06 - Twenty Seven Pieces of Porcelin
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E07 - Night Watch
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E08 - Catch Us, Catch Can
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E10 - Interrogation
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E12 -Trial
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E13 - Skipper's Walk
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E14 - Cover
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E16 - Trouble Maker
Softly Softly Task Force - S05E17 - The Raider

One of British TV's first crime-busting double acts starring Stratford Johns as the no-nonsense Charlie Barlow, a superior officer not adverse to pounding his suspects into submission, and Frank Windsor as his gentler sidekick John Watt, first became household names in Troy Kennedy Martin's 'Z-Cars.' So successful was the partnership that in 1966 they were seconded to the Regional Crime Squad by the BBC for 'Softly Softly', a series that ran for ten years and became one of the best-realised spin-off series the BBC has ever had. After leaving Newtown, Barlow and Watt headed south to the fictional region of Wyvern where they took up their new posts of Detective Chief Superintendent and Detective Chief Inspector respectively.

Quality ranges from 6-8/10, it is the best quality around due to the age of the programme, this has never been released on VHS or DVD.

Comes with basic menus and in paper sleeves unless cases and covers are requested at additional cost.

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