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 This is THE FIRST 8
DVD set of Smart Guy available on iOffer!  (I
also have another listing without cases.)

complete series

with every
 episode ever made Seasons 1-3. 

These are all in
chronological order and
are complete (not
Also, I
ship priority mail so get your items faster! Priority mail only
takes 2-3 days to receive your item, unlike parcel or media mail
which takes about 7-9! (I do NOT combine on shipping because I use
flat rate services.)
That's 51 episodes on 8 DVD's!

I would
like to say that these are 

from someone else. I personally compiled these DVD's with a lot of
hard work!
You will 
not find another set
like this one.

This set is for the true Smart Guy fan who needs a case
to put in their collection! 
Awesome quality,

a solid 9-9.5/10. Checkout the pictures, there are screenshots to
show the quality.
Don't be fooled by
the people compressing shows onto a small number of discs,
this means bad quality!

You will get

one boxset with

custom artwork, printed on glossy photo paper. Each boxset
holds 8 discs. Checkout the pictures for the artwork! There is
not disc art (on the dvd's themselves) but they will come with
writing labeling them. These also have

interactive menus
 on every disc with
episode names for selection! (See pictures) If you don't want the
case/artwork and are looking for a cheaper price, checkout my other
Smart Guy listing with paper sleeves
These DVD's are region
free so they can play in any DVD player, including the PS3, Xbox
360, or any computer with a DVD drive. 

So, you will get:
*8 DVD's complete with menus
*1 boxset with professional grade artwork

 International Shipping is $8.00 per set
You can't pass this one
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Smart
Guy episodes. I sell these not to profit but to share my collection
with others. Any purchases made are to reimburse me for my time
spent making the products  and not for the actual products
themselves. Please allow 2-3 days for me to have time to ship the