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Small Business
264 page e-book by Bob Serling

(plus 76 pages of Bonus Materials!)

with 5 FREE Bonuses!
Including One That Can Put $72,000 Worth 
of Hidden Profits Into Your Pocket

Ingenious, Inexpensive, Deadly Accurate
Marketing Techniques You Can Use To:

Skyrocket Your Sales…
Slash Your Marketing Costs…and
Leave Your Competition In The Dust!

by Bob Serling

“In Just 30 Minutes A Day, My Powerful New Marketing Course Can Literally Double or Triple The Number Of New Customers Or Clients You Bring Into Your Business”

In this ebook course, you'll learn everything you need to know to double or triple your sales and profits in the shortest time possible.
The great American dream is to succeed in your own business. Millions of Americans
dream of having the ability to control their own personal and financial futures. And the key to achieving these crucial goals, is to be able to sell your product or service to as many customers as possible.
The problem is, few business owners have even the slightest clue as to how to do this.
One of the main reasons business owners don't know how to market, is the poor quality of information you'll find in the huge volume of books that have been written about marketing. Quite frankly, the vast majority of these books fall terribly short of their goal. They tell you what to do, but give you only sketchy details on how to actually do it.

Why This eBook Course Is So Different – And So Much More Successful – Than The Other Courses You’ll Find

This course is very different. First of all, there's no textbook theory. Everything you'll learn has been tested and proven over and over again the only place where it really counts – in the marketplace. Every strategy and technique you'll find in this course is here for one reason only: it works like crazy. It's produced substantial profits with complete consistency and reliability over many years.
Secondly, unlike other marketing books, you'll be getting the complete picture, not just a thumb-nail sketch. I'll leave no stone unturned. You'll get comprehensive information on every strategy and technique that can boost your profits. Together, you and I will concentrate on the details of all three components that are necessary for creating the kind of marketing that gets powerful results:

1. What to do.
2. Why you're doing it.
3. Precise, step-by-step details of how to do it.

Of these three components, step three is the most important.  I firmly believe the reason most businesses fail is not that they lack good marketing ideas.  Rather, they lack the skills to successfully implement their marketing ideas.
That's particularly unfortunate, because implementing your ideas is actually very easy once you understand how. But the real reason you want to become a master at putting your marketing ideas into action is because you can make a lot of money!
Now, I'm not saying that solid marketing ideas aren't important. They most definitely are. And you'll get dozens of powerful, innovative marketing ideas and techniques in this course. But I've run across very few people who have problems coming up with good ideas, and tons of people who can't seem to carry out the ideas they have.
Let me put it another way – a way that could have a profound affect on your bank account. There are a lot of brilliant people in the world with incredible ideas. The problem is, they lack the skill to carry out their ideas.
On the other hand, there are a lot of millionaires who have only fair-to-good ideas but have mastered the skills for carrying them out. Putting their ideas into action is what has allowed them to maximize their profits.
Given the choice, I'd much prefer to have a solid idea and flawless implementation skills than dozens of brilliant ideas coupled with the inability to bring them to fruition.
To sum up, “idea people” are a dime a dozen!

What You'll Get From This Course...

I've designed this course to give you all the “what to do,” “why to do it,” and “how to do it” information you'll need to make your marketing as successful as possible. By the time you finish this course, you'll have everything you need to:

Get as many new customers as possible;

Convert one-shot customers to loyal, repeat customers who buy from you again and again; and

Increase the average dollar amount of every sale you make, day-in and day-out, every day of the year.

And the way that you'll accomplish all of this is remarkably simple and inexpensive. You see, my basic premise is that success can be “modeled.” So you can take techniques and systems that have proven themselves time and time again in the marketplace, and use them as models for creating your own successful marketing.
I know this works. Because the way I made my business so successful was by carefully studying the marketing techniques of other highly successful businesses and then building a comprehensive model incorporating all the best techniques of each.

This was my starting point. Over the years, I've refined it – fine-tuned it for even greater results. I've added dozens of techniques of my own, gotten rid of techniques that didn't prove successful, and modified others to make them perform even better.
Now it's your turn to cash in on these powerful techniques. You'll get dozens of proven strategies, techniques, ads, and sales letters that have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. And you'll be shown precisely how to use them to produce maximum sales and profits in your own business.
That's it for this introduction. Again, I want to welcome you to this course. Now it’s time to strap on your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life.

I promise the results you'll get will greatly exceed everything you've ever dreamed of!



Foundational Principles For Increasing Your Sales And Profits, Keeping Your Customers Extremely Satisfied, And Growing Your Business In Record Time

Welcome to “Small Business, BIG Profits”
Lesson 1:
The 12 Fundamentals Of Maximum-Results Marketing
Lesson 2:
The One Crucial Reason Why Most Advertising Fails – And What To Do To Make Sure Yours Is Successful
Lesson 3:
The Secret Of Making A Fortune By Developing The Ideal Product
Lesson 4:
Marketing Leverage – 9 Fast Ways To Gain Much More Profit For The Same Time, Effort, And Expense
Lesson 5:
Credibility – The Key To Making A Killing In Your Business
Lesson 6:
7 Powerful Words That Will Win You More Customers Than You Can Handle


The Inside Secrets Of Writing Powerful Advertising Copy
Lesson 7:
Power Preparation – How This Key Ingredient Can Dramatically Improve Your Leads, Sales, and Profits
Lesson 8:
How To Write Powerful Sales letters
Lesson 9:
Space Ads – How To Make Ingenious Use Of Newspaper And Magazine Advertising

Direct Marketing Dynamite
Lesson 10:
What’s Missing in Today’s Direct Mail?
Lesson 11:
The 13 Most Costly Direct Marketing Mistakes – How Many Of These Are Killing Your Profits Right Now?
Lesson 12:
Direct Mail Envelopes – What Works And What Doesn’t!
Lesson 13:
The Ultimate Direct Mail Secret – How To Pull 8% - 22% Response On Every Mailing You Ever Send!

Maximum Results Publicity
Lesson 14:
How To Write A News Release That Gets Results!
Lesson 15:
The 8 Key Secrets To Consistently Getting Tons Of FREE Publicity – And How To Use It To Send Your Sales Through The Roof

Advanced Techniques For Turning Your Business Into A Powerful, High-Profit Marketing Machine
Lesson 16:
The Yellow Pages Clinic – How To Strike Gold With Your Yellow Pages Advertising
Lesson 17:
Silence Is Not Golden – Or How To Use Telemarketing To Reap Tremendous Profits
Lesson 18:
Post-Purchase Reassurance – How To Dramatically Reduce Refunds And Returns
Lesson 19:
How To Turn Refunds And Complaints Into A Lucrative Profit Center
Lesson 20:
How To Increase Your Consulting Fees By 62% – And Have Your Clients Love You For It
Lesson 21:
Tricks Of The Trade – Cutting-Edge Tips And Techniques For Improving Your Sales And Profits
Lesson 22:
How To Double Your Business In Six Months – Even During Tough Times
One Final Master Marketing Technique



"Your strategies have kept my business in a continuing growth cycle, to the point where my profits have more than doubled."

Derek D'Angiolini, President, Ashland Equities, Inc.

"These techniques increased our sales by a whopping 328%!"

Bruce Elliott, President, The Gold And Diamond Center

"Your concepts immediately shot our profits straight through the roof. I increased my income on one project by a very real 917%!"

Phil Kratzer, CEO, National Response Corporation

"Unbelievable! I used one of your strategies with a difficult prospect I'd been trying to land for quite some time. The results? An immediate order of 20,000 units -- 4 times more than our average opening sale!"

John Satterfield, President, The Project Group, Inc.

"Just the few things I've used have been nothing short of phenomenal."

Ray Melissa, President, Mailer's Software

"It crystallized my thinking. As the result of just one of your techniques, I was able to make an instant $14,857!"

Don Alm, Owner, Advantage Marketing

"Your advice has already put an extra $40,000 in my pocket in less than a year!"

Brad Petersen, President, Petersen Direct

If you can quickly and easily master the skills to get as many new customers or clients as you want - any time you want to - how much is that worth to your business?
Now let's talk about Your Five FREE Bonuses - including one that can put $72,000 worth of  hidden profits into your pocket.

FREE BONUS #1:  The Profit-Doubler Quick Start Guide (27 Pages in Total)

One of the questions you may be asking yourself is, "How do I know these techniques will actually work for my kind of business?" And that's a fair question.

There are two components that guarantee these strategies and techniques will get you all the new customers or clients you need to double your profits. First, throughout the main course, each strategy and technique is illustrated with specific examples for three different types of businesses: Retail, Professional Services, and Mail Order. That way, you can be assured that each and every technique is immediately applicable in your business.

Second, I've developed three different "Quick Start" guides for each of these three business types. There's a "Quick Start" guide for retail businesses, another for professional service businesses, and another for mail order businesses. As a special bonus, you're entitled to pick any one of these "Quick Start" guides absolutely free.

These guides are specifically designed to give you a simple step-by-step approach for doubling your profits in just six to twelve months. I've taken all the guess work out of it for you. You get a detailed, easy to implement plan that will let you hit ground running and start increasing your profits from day one.

FREE BONUS #2:  How To Turn A Single Sale Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business (17 Pages in Total)

Have you ever wondered why certain businesses are only marginally successful while their competitors seem to grow by leaps and bounds? I'll let you in on a secret: it all has to do with how they go about getting more new customers or clients.

The sad fact is most businesses don't have a clue about how to increase their customer or client base and steadily grow larger and more profitable. That won't be the case for you any more.

In this special report, you'll discover an incredibly simple, yet deadly accurate way to get more new customers or clients than you ever dreamed possible. These are the specific techniques I developed for my own business when I was first starting out. I didn't have much money, so I need something that was inexpensive and would produce substantial results quickly.

These simple techniques rocketed my business to a healthy six-figure profit the first year. And I've continued to use them over and over again to keep my business in a steady growth cycle.

The best part is, almost no one else even knows these techniques exist. Which means you can cream your market with them and start cashing in right away. And your competition will never know what hit them!

FREE BONUS #3:  The Ultimate Referral System - How To Get Your Customers, Prospects, And Other Businesses To Bring You Tons Of Highly Qualified Referrals (11 Pages in Total)

Ask just about any business owner what the best source of new customers or clients is and they'll tell you "word of mouth" advertising. While it's absolutely true that good referrals are worth their weight in gold, the problem is you never know when someone is going to refer a friend, family member, or business associate to you.

Until now, that is. You see, I've developed a remarkably simple technique that guarantees you a constant, ongoing stream of referrals from existing customers, new customers, prospects who never do business with you, and other businesses.

Like every other strategy and technique I give you, this technique has been proven in the marketplace, is a cinch to use, and works like wildfire!

Once you've finished this special report, you'll be a master of "word of mouth" advertising. You'll be able to count on a steady flow of highly-qualified referrals week-in and week-out. Just another way of adding even more profit to your business!

FREE BONUS #4:  55 Hot Tips For Boosting The Pulling Power Of Your Direct Mail (11 Pages in Total)

If you're using direct mail to promote your business, this special report is invaluable. It's packed full of effective, inexpensive techniques covering every aspect of your mailing package. And I've made it super easy to use by organizing the techniques according to each specific area of your mailing piece.

You'll have dozens of proven, high-profit techniques right at your fingertips - ready to use to increase the success of all your mailings. Just plug them in and watch your results soar!

FREE BONUS #5 How To Use The "U Factor" To Uncover And Reap $72,000 (Or More) Untapped Profit Hidden In Your Business (10 Pages in Total)

I've saved the best for last! The "U Factor" is so easy to use, you could practically do it in your sleep. In fact, you can have it up and bringing in untapped profits in just twenty minutes.

Best of all, this technique is absolutely foolproof. I've never seen any business that used it fail to increase their profits. The problem is, very few businesses know about the "U Factor". And of those that do, almost none are using it properly and benefiting to their full profit capacity.

This special report leads you by the hand through using the "U Factor" in any type of business. I give you all the nuts-and-bolts details with specific examples of how to use it in retail, professional service, and mail order businesses. Plus a case study of how an average business can easily tap into $72,000 of hidden profit (and probably much more), with almost no effort and no expense whatsoever!

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