Item Description
Size Doctor® Hybrid Support Unit
A device that ensures comfort.

The Size Doctor® Hybrid Support Unit (HSU) comes with everything you need to enlarge the penis. It uses the same principle as the Size Doctor® Basic Unit plus it uses the Hybrid Support Technology. The Size Doctor® Hybrid Support Unit is based on Hybrid Support System technology, which allows the use of a comfort strap as well as a silicone tube. It has a unique design that ensures comfort and allows you to wear the device for prolonged periods of time. The Size Doctor® Hybrid Support Unit offers a man the choice of two methods. He can select the one most comfortable for his use. This unit combines both versions of the penis extender into one system.
· Spring Loaded Extender with Hybrid technology Gold Color
· 8 Extension Rods
· 2 silicon noose with 2 cushion foam
· Comfort strap with 3 foams
· Instructional Cd
· Instructional Manual
· Deluxe Pouch
· Discreet Box

· Metal Parts-Material: pure brass coated with gold colored bronze
· Base inner circumference: 140mm
· 4 sizes of extension rods: 1.3cm, 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm
· Spring tension: standard 1800g
· Shipping Weight: 14 oz.
· Product Dimensions (cm):
15 x 13.5 x 4.5