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WWii Nazi German SS M32 uniform set

include all the photo, include the below: tunic, breeches,
SS cap, badge, ss tie , ss ring , SS belt, and so on. These items have RZM label like in photos.

The set include below:Swastica armband; Belt ;Shoulder insignia;Collar ;insignia;Both hat insignia;18K Gold NSDAP GOLDEN PARTY badge;Medal Insignaia per pic of uniform ;Cuff insignia .

include Allgemeine SS Officers M32 Black Visor Cap, White Piped.
Now The set add one newest High Quality SS Buckle Belt like photos. It is very good detail SS buckle.

WWii Germany SS Elite M32 Black
wool Tunic and Breeches

Made of high quality black wool.

Please look the size chart and find the fitted size for you.

Size chart (inches)

Shoulder 16.5 17.3 18.1 18.9 19.7 20.5
Chest 39.4 40.9 42.5 45.7 47.2 48.8
Sleeve 24.4 25.2 26.0 26.8 27.6 28.3
Tunic full length 27.6 28.3 29.1 29.9 30.7 31.5
Breeches girth 33.1 34.6 37.8 39.4 40.9 42.5
Breeches full length 37.0 38.6 40.2 41.7 43.3 44.9

All goods is brand new .
Please select the fitted uniform size and tell me.
Please select cap size. Cap size is 56cm,57cm,58,cm,59,cm,60cm,61cm.
Please select the rank of collar you want. We only ship one rank of collar.
Please tell me.

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uniform size(S,M,L,XL,XXL orXXXL) , And tell your cap size(56,57,58,59,60,61,or 62cm,). Thank you.
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