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This Auction is for a new complete CD of Anthony Hopkin's Classic 1994 talk in Los Angeles California!This is a MUST HAVE message for Anyone in Recovery or a Loved one of someone in Recovery!
ANTHONY HOPKINS - LOS ANGELES, CA 1994This is another great Alcoholics Anonymous talk by Academy Award winning actor, Anthony Hopkins. Anthony made this recording in 1994 at the Pacific Group in Los Angeles, California. You may have heard the talk that Anthony gave in 1982, this one is great too. Tony begins his talk by saying "I drank for 15 years, which is not long compared to some drinking stories I've heard, but it was long enough for me and I've suffered enough pain to want to get help." When he was young, Anthony's father used to tell his mother that "there's something very wrong with this boy," which doesn't give you the best foundation for good mental health. Anthony goes on to share many stories about his drinking life and his sober life. Some are very humorous and others are very serious. His life story is really incredible. Anthony wraps up his talk by saying: "Thank you for a wonderful life."
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