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Presented wide screen with Spanish audio and English subtitles
Disturbing and extremely well-made Jess Franco film about a woman (Lina Romay) returning home from an insane asylum only to discover her husband is now living with a man. The two men eventually find a nun (Susan Hemmingway) who's been raped and the three come up with a plot to kill the wife for her money. This is one of Franco's "art" films that manages to be quite beautiful in a poetic sense and ranks among one of his better films. The performances are all very good, especially Romay who once again gets to show off her sexual fits.

his is a complex, multi-layered movie, recommendable to mature and open-minded viewers and to Franco fans. The depiction of sexual situations is graphic, bordering (and frequently trespassing) forbidden territory. This "IS" a movie for grown-ups. Without the sex sequences, the movie would simply fall apart. Lina Romay is a wonderful leading lady and she delivers one of the best performances of her career. Her portrait of Countess Martine is convincing and compelling. She is sensitive, romantic, passionate, sad, wild and crazy. Her wonderful big dark eyes have a unique and natural ability to express all kind of feelings. Her sensuality is intense and overwhelming. She doesn't only impersonate the character; she really "IS" Martine De Bressac! Susan Hemingway's character is also complex. She is young and pretty and shows generously her body.

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