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SIMONA (1975)
- Upon its' initial release, this
black & white psycho-drama was inexplicably billed as "Laura
Antonelli’s First Film" despite the fact that Antonelli had
been making films for over ten years! Directed by Patrick
Longchamps, this biting story of sexual intrigue finds Antonelli
playing the titular femme-fatale. Also starring a great
international cast including Patrick Magee, Raf Vallone and Margot
Margaret, this French-language oddity did little for
Antonelli’s career which had taken off upon the release of
MALIZIA in 1973. Still, this is a fun diversion that offers Laura
another opportunity to display the allure of her fabulous body.
It's rumored that director Donald Cammell prepared an
English-language version of the film; however, that version has
never surfaced. This is the uncut, European version from a slightly
soft looking VHS source. Please note that there is a few minutes of
video "noise" about 45 minutes into the film.
Language: French
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