Item Description
This is a nicely detailed, 3-D very original pendant featuring the devil's head with pointed outstretched pointed horns. He has a goatee and you can also see the detail of his hair parted between the horns. The face has a unique, surrealistic appeal and the demonic eyes possess a cold, glaring stare. Mouth is opened with a devilish grin, and although you can't see it in the picture his ears are pointed as well.This is one of those pieces Anton LaVey fans would love!The pendant is made of high quality, nickel free polished pewter and measures approximately 1.9" high (6 cm) and comes on a matching 24" silver chain. The silver chain adds value to the piece as many jewelry companies merely opt to send your pendant on a cheap piece of string; the chain is more expensive and adds a certain touch of elegance. This piece would make a wonderful gift or addition to your jewelry collection :-)


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