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A rancher named John Farnum (Harry Todd) while in India buys a puppy that carries the Sign of the Wolf, which enables him to tell good people from evil ones. He also buys two chains from unscrupulous killers that are made from a rare radioactive material that can transform sand into priceless jewels. The chains were stolen from a sacred temple and the guardian of the chains, Prince Kuva (Edmond Cobb) is dispatched to retrieve them. Years later, Farnum has decided to sell the chains to multi-millionaire Clyde Winslow (Al Ferguson). But Winslow would prefer to steal the chains instead, and hires local outlaw Butch (Jack Mower) and his gang to do the dirty work. Trying to preventing this is Farnum's daughter Ruth (Virginia Brown Faire), her sweetheart, local rancher Tom (Rex Lease), his ranch foreman Bud (Joe Bonomo), and the now grown up wolf dog Muro (King).

This serial comes complete on one DVD, and is shipped in a hard plastic CD case with insert.

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Thousands of Hollywood motion pictures are in the Public Domain because they were 1) released without Copyright Notices; 2) were never registered with the Library of Congress, had improper or late registrations; or 3) were not properly renewed under the old requirements for films made before 1964.

The status of films registered from 1929 through 1956 is noted in 3 volumes of Copyright Catalogs of motion picture registrations published by the Library of Congress.

This film, produced on 1 May 1931 fell into the public domain on 1 January 1960