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Shoot with Jim Powers
Jim Powers wrestled a who's who list of pro wrestling greats in the WWE. Powers was an enhancement wrestler in the Hogan-era of the WWE. Powers has stories about being in the ring with guys like Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and more.
Powers not only saw it all in the ring, he saw it all outside of the rin g. Powers recounts in great detail the night Jacques Rougeau knocked out the Dybamite Kid. Powers also talks about witnessing a WWE star stealing medication from another WWE star. Powers names the wrestlers and more in this exclusive story on the RF Video Shoot Interview.
Powers also comments on all of the rumors about the WWE during this time. Powers tells about his own experience with a homosexual WWE employee. What did this office member proposition and how did Jim respond? You will be shocked when you hear about WWE superstar went to Vince McMahon on Jim's behalf and what happened next.

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