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This is for a Complete English Translation of the Kishu Ryu ninjutsu densho Shoninki. Shoninki is one of the Big 3 ninjutsu densho's. In Kanji with Furigana. This was originally written in 1681 by Natori Sanjuro Masazumi. Kishu Ryu was founded by Fujibayashi Masatake, a descendant of the Fujibayashi family famously known for writing the Bansenshukai. He received the transmission of Koshu Ryu gunpo (a branch of Takeda ryu, Shingen
Ryu, or Kaishu ryu). OR The origin of Kishu Ryu is actually Kusunoki Ryu gungaku. The founder of Kishu Ryu studied Koshu Ryu, which is an off shoot of Kusunoki Ryu gungaku. Then he changed the name to Natori Ryu, but then changed the schools name first to Shin-Kusunoki Ryu then later changed the schools name once more to Kishu Ryu. This may be of interest to Samurai, Ninpo, Jinenkan, Bujinkan, Genbukan & Koryu Bujutsu practitioners. no refunds, exchanges, etc., all sales are final. This item is also available in DDT/DVD format in our other listings for less.
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