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This is for a Shinto Ryu densho in Digital format. It is about 5 pages long. The kanji is written as New Sword School. The date is Kansei 7 (1795). The densho contains a section on Nawajutsu/Hojojutsu. This is Mokuroku. A large circle with the word Sanko (Three lights) is present as well as a large gold Manji. The names of Buddha's are listed, such as Kongo and Fudo Myo, Shinto deities are also listed such as Amaterasu, Hachiman and Marishiten. It is not common to find such open religious indications in densho. This may be of interest to Samurai, Ninpo, Jinenkan, Bujinkan, Genbukan & Koryu Bujutsu practitioners. no refunds, exchanges, etc., all sales are final.Please visit our website