Item Description
Ryo Hazuki returns to his father's dojo andnotices that there's a black car parked outside. Ryo enters the dojoand sees his father fighting with a mysterious man in a dark Chinesedress. Hazuki Sensei gets hurt and Ryo tries to beat the mysterious manbut couldn't. The mysterious man asked for the mirror or else Ryo wouldget killed. Hazuki Sensei tells but gets killed because he was accusedof murdering a man. The mysterious man leaves with the mirror and Ryois left with his dead father.The next day, Ryo decides to find theman who killed his father. During his investigation, Ryo discovers thatthe murderer's name was Lan Di and that he was part of a gang in HongKong. Ryo receives a letter sent to his father saying to find MasterChen if he ever needed help. Ryo finds this man and discovers that LanDi is now in Hong Kong. Also, he learns that the mirrors Lan Di werelooking for were the phoenix and dragon mirror. Apparently, Lan Di hasonly the dragon mirror. Then, Ryo leaves for Hong Kong by boat and issupposed to meet Master Lishao Tao when he arrives there. The storycontinues...Dialogue : Japanese/EnglishSubtitle : English/OffRegion : FreeRunning Time : Approximately 90 mins