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CAI MEI Sheep Placenta Cream 70g

Sheep Placenta Cream contains pure natural Sheep Placenta Vitamins

and it is refined and incorporated with advance technology.  

It?s effective ingredients can keep the skin moisturize, promote metabolism,

 whiten the skin, lighten pigments and dark spots and keep the skin?s vitality

for a long time.   If use constantly, it will make skin soft, white and bright.


Sheep Placenta Cream contains pure natural living cell sheep placenta which is popular for

its ability to speed up healing and regeneration of tissues, decreases eyebags,

 restores skin?s elasticity, and also  can be used as a make up foundation and hide

skin pigments and dark spots.


It is a very good anti-aging and skin smoothening product.


Directions:   Clean the skin, dab the cream with your finger and spread evenly in mornings and evenings.


Do not apply to allergic or irritated skin.  Store in / dry cool place with less than 25?C temperature.




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