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A very special double DVD release with the mastermind of Hardcore Homecoming, The Franchise Shane Douglas and his long time rival, the Living Legend Terry Funk. What could possibly bring these two ECW icons together? Behind Closed Doors with Terry Funk and Shane Douglas: Crossing the Line 2005 with bonus footage.

You will see the wounds, with the blood, basically still fresh from Hardcore Homecoming's barbed wire match, coming out of their forheads. Terry Funk and Shane Douglas were able to put their differences aside for three hours and talk about the current state of the business. You will hear exclusive first hand comments from Funk and Douglas about Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamers comments directed towards them on the Byte This show. You will be shocked at what Shane and Terry have to say about Dreamer and Heyman. These were comments that even I was taken back on, and I've heard it all. Shane talked about how the idea was brought about to do Hardcore Homecoming originally came from. Terry Funk gives his exclusive reasons to why he did not work the WWE's PPV, One Night Stand. This is where the shoot interview gets intense. Both guys go completely off on WWE for what they are trying to do with the ECW name and its legacy. They talk about thier infamous first three way dance match from the Night the Line was Crossed. You will hear exclusive comments about Hardcore Homecoming. What worked and what did not work. They talk in detail about their barbed wire match and their reaction to the entire show.

Shane and Terry talked about all the roadblocks leading into bringing the Hardcore Homecoming to a reality. You will hear first hand how the show was put together and all the legal stuff that they dealt with going into the show, information that has not been shared anywhere else. They both talk about how WWE's One Not Stand is not a real ECW show. They both discuss the future of ECW in the WWE and also if Hardcore Homecoming is going to go on the road. Both guys react to the WWE's Rise and Fall of ECW DVD and they talk about the differences between that and their Forever Hardcore documentary. Shane had alot of stories on his realtionship with Paul Heyman. He tells never before stories on private meetings he had with Paul Heyman over money issues. Terry chimes in as well and talked about why he was always smarter and how he was never owed a penny. Both men talked all about Ric Flair and how he was very close to come into ECW at one point. They talked about Cactus Jack and how much they respect his strengths inside and outside the ring.

There are so many ECW stories from behind the scenes that involve politics as well on this shoot. Both men talk about the future of the business and where they see it going. You will hear all types of theories by both Funk and Douglas about TNA and what works and what does not work in the company. They talk about TNA and its future. You will hear them discuss Vince Russo and Dusty Rhodes and if they liked them as bookers. Shane and Terry discuss thier own legit heat after the XPW fiasco in Philly and how they squashed it afterwards. Shane tells all his problems that he had with Francine and how last night was the first time they talked in years.

Do you want to know their views on the current products that are out there? What needs to be changed? How does the future of Pro wrestling look? Never before have you seen a shoot interview with two men who are full of this much insider knowledge. You can't say enough about Terry Funk other than he is one of the all time top workers and promo men of this business. He is also one of the smartest guys to ever step inside the squared circle. When you add Shane Douglas to this interview, you get a guy that holds nothing back. He speaks his mind and does not care who he offends. Putting both guys next to each other and just letting them speak thier mind is a spectacle in and of itself.

If you are a ECW fan this is a DVD you must add to your library. To make it even better we are going to add the original three way dance with Terry Funk, Sabu and Shane Douglas as a bonus to this DVD. But wait, there's more. We'll also have the career making promo between Shane Douglas and Terry Funk that happened after the match. This was the birth of the The Franchise and is regarded as one of the best promos ever done. This is a double DVD set as the interview was three hours long!!!!


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