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This is your chance to relive some of the
greatest old school pro wrestling in history from one of the
greatest wrestling promotions in history...PORTLAND
WRESTLING!!! This 46 disc set features some
of the greatest action from a great decade.



11/28/81...both shows total
Mike Masters vs Art Crews (Buddy Rose & Rocky Johnson run
Chung Lee vs Billy Whitecloid
Rose's Army: Buddy Rose, Stan Stasiak, Mike Masters &
Matt Borne Interview
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak vs Rocky Johnson & King Parsons
(2/3 falls)
Steve Regal/Rocky Johnson Interview
Buddy Rose Interview (Rocky Johnson joins and gets bloodied

Rose's Army Interview
Matt Borne/Buddy Rose vs Rocky Johnson/King Parsons (2/3
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Steve Regal Interview
Rocky Johnson/King Parsons/Hack Sawyer Interview


5/8/82....complete show w/ commercials
after the first match is joined 1:15
Curt Hennig vs Billy Whitecloud (joined in progress)
Rocky Johnson vs Mike Miller
David Schultz Interview
Andre the Giant & Brett "Hack" Sawyer
vs Matt Borne/ Rip Oliver/Dizzy Hogan (2/3 falls)
Curt Hennig Interview
Tommy Rogers Interview
Andre/Brett Sawyer/Rocky Johnson Interview

7/14/84....23:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!

Buddy Rose/Matt Borne Interview...Rose
returns to
Portland & bloodies Borne as he turns
Intro of Hack Saywer/Buck Ramstead match
Buddy Rose Interview....strange that KPTV didn't bleep Rose
calling Borne "a pussy"
Most of second fall of Saywer/Ramstead match
Tom Pritchard Interview
Matt Borne Interview

12/21/85....6:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!

The infamous "Santa Rip"
incident....That match itself between Billy Jack Haynes &
Diamond Timothy Flowers wasn't anything special. Both Billy Jack
& Rip Oliver had been out of
Portland for a few months. This was
Billy's first match back. Nobody expected Oliver back. This was a
surprise to everyone because "Santa" had been walking around the
arena for over an hour tossing out candy to kids, as you'll see at
the beginning of the clip. Also, as you'll see,
Portland TV cut away before Santa hit the
ring as they didn't want kids to Santa taking a tire iron to BJH.

5/15/82....complete show w/ commercials
Chris Adams vs Dizzy "Brutus Beefcake" Hogan
David Schultz vs Sivi Afi
David Schultz Interview
Curt Hennig vs Rip Oliver (2/3 falls)
Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers Interview
Chris Adams Interview
Hennig/Oliver Post Match Interview

5/22/82....complete show w/ commercials
Matt Borne vs Brett Sawyer
David Schultz vs Chris Adams
David Schultz Interview
Mike Miller/Dizzy Hogan vs Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers (2/3
falls...Miller has BLONDE hair!!!)
Rip Oliver/Matt Borne Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers Interview


Buddy Rose &
Hulk Hogan as a tag team in
Japan....I don't know who they are
wrestling as the audio is in Japanese
Buddy Rose Interview as he talks about being back from
Buddy Rose/Matt Borne vs Brett Sawyer/Tommy Rogers (2/3
falls....Borne turns on Rose)
Rip Oliver Interview
David Schultz Interview
Matt Borne Post Match Interview

6/30/84....55:00 w/
commercials....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Miller/Assassin/Mr. Ebony (Tom Jones) Interview
Matt Borne Interview
Tom Pritchard/Brett Sawyer vs Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony (2/3
Buddy Rose Interview
Tom Pritchard/Brett Sawyer Post Match Interview.....Pritchard
is covered in blood.


Tommy Rogers vs Tiny Anderson
Sandy Barr vs Rip Oliver
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Dizzy Hogan/David Schultz vs Rocky Johnson/Brett Sawyer (2/3
falls with a Rose run in)
Curt Hennig Interview
Buddy Rose/David Schultz Interview (Rose tries to get Schultz
to join him, but is turned down)
Chris Adams vs Playboy Buddy Rose (2/3 falls)
2/26/83.....this is from a previously dubbed tape


7/3/82....complete show w/ no
commercials 1:10
Dizzy Hogan vs Chris Adams
David Schultz vs Tommy Rogers
Rip Oliver/Buddy Rose Interview
Buddy Rose vs Curt Hennig (2/3 falls with a Schultz
run-in....he attacks Rose, then Hennig)
Brett Sawyer/Rocky Johnson Interview
David Schultz Interview
Buddy Rose Interview

Brett Sawyer Interview
Buddy Rose vs David Schultz (brief)
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver vs Rocky Johnson/Brett Sawyer (2/3
falls with a Schultz run-in)
Dizzy Hogan Interview (He was bad on the stick back then as
Curt Hennig Interview
David Schultz Interview


7/17/82....complete show w/no
commercials 1:13
Dizzy Hogan vs Tommy Rogers
Chris Adams vs Mike Miller
Rip Oliver vs Steve Pardee (2/3 falls)
Rocky Johnson Interview
Chris Adams Interview
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview

Dizzy Hogan vs Steve Pardee
Buddy Rose Interview with 1:30 clips of his match with David
Schultz the previous Tuesday
David Schultz vs Curt Hennig (2/3 falls joined in progress in
first fall)
Rip Oliver Interview
Brett Sawyer/Rocky Johnson Interview
David Schultz Interview


8/21/82...complete show w/ commercials
Ali Hassan vs Tommy Rogers
Mike Miller vs Steve Pardee
Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Buddy Rose vs David Schultz in a CAGE MATCH
David Schultz Post Match Interview
Assassin vs Brett "Hack" Sawyer (2/3 falls)
Brett Sawyer Interview

DISC #10

QUALITY!!! (complete show is on Disc #24)
Announcement of the death of longtime "
Portland Wrestling" announcer, Frank
Intro of Paul Ellering vs Stan Stasiak match as Don Owen pays
tribute to Frank Bonnema
Buddy Rose with The Grand Wizard Interview conducted by Vince
Paul Ellering Interview in his
Portland debut (After a big build up, he
stayed in the area for only three weeks!)
Rip Oliver/Assassin/Ali Hassen vs Brett Sawyer/Terry
Gibbs/Steve Pardee (first fall only)

6/23/84.....10:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Greg Lake vs Mike Miller...Intro and first minute of match
Kevin Kelly vs Doug Sommers (middle few minutes of the match
aren't there)
Oliver's Clan Interview....Rip Oliver, Mike Miller, Mr. Ebony
& Assassin

12/18/82.....complete show w/no
commercials 1:18
Chief Tapu vs Billy Whitecloud
Shiek Ali Hassan vs Tommy Rogers
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Stan Stasiak vs Great Tia
Oliver's Clan Interview (Rip Oliver/The Shiek/Assassin)
Chris Colt vs Billy Jack
Chris Adams/Brett Sawyer Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Steve Pardee

DISC #11

6/29/85....Complete show w/commercials
(last two commercial breaks edited)....1:22....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Steve Simpson vs Diamond Timothy Flowers
Steve Pardee vs Playboy Buddy Rose
Bobby Jaggers/Ricky Vaughn Interview
Billy Two Eagles vs Karl Steiner
Mike Miller/Karl Steiner Interview
Jerry Grey vs Mike Miller
Mega Maharishi/Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Bobby Jaggers/Ricky Vaughn Interview

7/6/85....12:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mega Maharishi/Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Ricky Vaughn vs Karl Steiner (third fall only)
Mike Miller/Karl Steiner Interview
9/28/85....10:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
End of Billy Jack Haynes vs Rip Oliver match with a Bobby
Jaggers heel turn run in
Rip Oliver/Bobby Jaggers Interview

DISC #12

2/16/85....25:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!

Bobby Jaggers vs Ed Wiskowski - joined
in second fall (Wiskowski is starting to grow a beard to prepare
for his Mega Maharishi gimmick, which would start in a few weeks.)
Billy Jack Haynes introduces Ricky Vaughn to
Portland Wrestling
Bobby Jaggers interview as he debuts the new PNW heavyweight
Complete 20/20 segment on Pro Wrestling
with the infamous David Schultz slap of
John Stossel

4/20/85....Complete show w/ commercials
joined at start of first match intros...1:25....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Karl Steiner vs Don Running Bear
Mega Maharishi vs Billy Two Eagles (Don Owen calls him Billy
Two Rivers!)
During intro of the above match Rip Oliver returns to
Portland after a six month absence and
demands a TV match with Billy Jack Haynes
Road Warriors vs Steve Olsonoski/Jerry Monti in a taped match
to promote the Road Warriors coming to
Rip Oliver vs Billy Jack Haynes
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Mike Miller Interview

Billy Jack Haynes Post Match Interview

DISC #13

10/7/89...Complete show with
commercials..GREAT QUALITY!!! 1:30
Show features commentary by Scotty the Body (AKA "Raven")
Grappler Interview
Beetlejuice" Art Barr vs Ed Moretti
Al Madrill vs Carl Styles
Carl Styles, Steve Doll & Art Barr Interview
Scotty The Body vs Rex King with Jonathon Boyd handcuffed in
the Crow's Nest
Jonathon Boyd vs Steve Doll
Al Madrill's "Fiesta Garden" with matches announced for next
week's TV Title tournament
Rip Oliver vs Grappler with all wrestlers out of the
building...Debut of Rip's son Larry as he tries to make the save.
Rip Oliver Interview
Bill Francis vs Brian Adams (match is still going as the show
Incomplete Matches...30:00...GREAT

Jules Strongbow vs The Great Tia (end of match)
Matt Borne vs Al Madrill (first 4:00)
Billy Jack vs Scott Ferris (end of match)
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Jules Strongbow, Billy Jack & Curt Hennig Interview

Curt Hennig/Buddy Rose/Billy Jack Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin vs Billy Jack/Buddy Rose (complete third
fall only)

DISC #14

4/8/89....Complete show with no
commercials 1:11
Show features commentary by Scotty the Body (AKA "Raven")
Carl Styles vs Joey Jackson
Brian Adams vs Nord The Barbarian - strap match...Adams is
tied up and attacked with gallons of milk and boxes of Cherrios
(???) by Nord and The Grappler
Grappler Interview
Col. DeBeers vs Art "
Beetlejuice" Barr
Carl Styles & Brian Adams attack Playboy Buddy Rose &
Al Madrill with straps
Playboy Buddy Rose vs
Top Gun (David Sierra)
Interview with
Portland Radio Personality Bill Prescott,
who offers $500 to anyone who gets a picture of The Grappler
without his mask. Grappler & Nord confront Prescott as Rowdy
Roddy Piper makes the save.
Steve Doll vs Scott Peterson
Buddy Rose's "Rose Garden" with Scotty The Body, Scott
Peterson &
Kangaroo Jonathon Boyd vs Al Madrill
Steve Doll attacks Scotty The Body in the Crow's Nest as he's
doing color on the Boyd/Madrill match

4/30/83...with original
Rip Oliver vs Jesse Barr (joined in progress)
Shiek/Assassin Interview
Curt Hennig vs Shiek in Iranian Death Match
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview
DISC #15

11/9/80...complete show w/ no
commercials....1:12...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Buzz Sawyer vs Tiny Anderson (Sawyer is called Buzzsaw
Kangaroo Jonathon Boyd Interview
Destroyer (David Sierra) vs Eric Emery
Playboy Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver Interview
Rose/Oliver vs Jay Youngblood/Joe Lightfoot
Destroyer Interview
Rose/Oliver Interview w/ Boyd run-in
10/31/81....15:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Playboy Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Matt Borne vs Mike Masters (intro & end of match only)
Borne & Rose match signing match interview
Steve Regal Interview
11/7/81....36:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Stan Stasiak, Buddy Rose, Mike Masters
Playboy Buddy Rose vs King Parsons (Rocky Johnson debuts with
a run in)
Steve Regal/Matt Borne Interview
Rocky Johnson vs Stan Stasiak
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Rocky Johnson
Buddy Rose Interview
DISC #16
Portland TV Talk Show with Playboy Buddy
Rose & Matt Borne - 15:00
9/5/81...1:28...Complete show w/original commercials...GREAT
NOTE: There was an obvious technical problem at arena this
night at the ring mic didn't work and there was a very low hum over
the first part of the TV audio.
Chris Colt vs Art Crews
King Parsons vs Terry Fargo
Playboy Buddy Rose/Rip Oliver Interview
Stan Stasiak vs Brett "Hacksaw" Saywer
Matt Borne Interview
Stan Stasiak Interview
Steve Regal/Stan Stasiak Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
DISC #17
9/12/81....1:28....Complete show w/original
commercials...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Chris Colt vs Art Crews
Matt Borne Interview
Johnny Eagle Interview (talking about his open heart surgery)
King Parsons vs Mike Masters
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song vs Matt Borne/Brett Sawyer
Steve Regal Interview
Rose/Song Interview
DISC #18
9/26/81...1:32....Complete show w/original
commercials...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Mike Masters vs Art Crews
Chris Colt vs Billy White Cloud
Playboy Buddy Rose/Kim Song Interview as Song breaks bricks
with his head
Matt Borne/Steve Regal vs Buddy Rose/Kim Song
Regal/Borne Interview
Billy White Cloud Interview
Rose/Song/Borne/Regal post match Interview
DISC #19
10/3/81...1:32...Complete show w/original commercials...GREAT
King Parsons vs Terry Fargo
Brett "Hacksaw" Sawyer vs Mike Masters
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak/Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose/Stan Stasiak vs Matt Borne/Steve Regal
Steve Regal Interview
Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose Interview
DISC #20
10/17/81...58:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Tony Borne vs Hacksaw Sawyer
Stan Stasiak vs Art Crews (end of match)
Playboy Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters vs Steve Regal/Matt Borne
Steve Regal Interview
Matt Borne/Tony Borne Interview
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview
10/21/81...17:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Portland TV Talk Show with Matt Borne,
Steve Regal, Playboy Buddy Rose, Mike Masters & Stan Stasiak
10/24/81...11:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview....He announces that he's
divorcing wife Toni Rae, Matt Borne's legit sister
Steve Regal Interview
King Parson/Mike Masters (start &
end of match)
Matt Borne Interview
Rose/Stasiak/Masters Interview
10/31/81....8:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Kim Song vs Hack Sawyer (intro of match with Rose saying he's
considering adding Song to his Army)
Buddy Rose/Mike Masters Interview (same
as disc #15)
Borne & Rose match signing match interview (same as
disc #15)

DISC #21
4/10/82....1:28...Complete show w/original is grainy, but very watchable
Stan Stasiak vs Sivi Afi
Rocky Johnson Interview
Ric Flair vs Brett Sawyer
Curt & Larry Hennig Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview
Ric Flair Interview
Dizzy Hogan vs King Parsons
Rocky Johnson vs Chung Lee
Ric Flair/Buddy Rose Interview
DISC #22
9/18/82....1:28...Complete show w/ original
commercials...Frank Bonnema's last show
Tommy Rogers vs TG Stone
Shiek Ali Hassan vs Terry Gibbs
Terry Gibbs Interview
Rip Oliver vs Steve Pardee
Brett Sawyer Interview
Stan Stasiak Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Frank Bonnema mentions a show coming up with
Roddy Piper where Frank will be the
special ring announcer. Frank says the show is on Oct.
10...Frank would pass away on Oct. 5.)
DISC #23
9/25/82...1:28...Complete show w/original
is hosted by Dutch Savage & Chuck Grindell
TG Stone vs Steve Pardee
Mike Miller vs Terry Gibbs
Playboy Buddy Rose video promoting his return to
Portland & match with Ric Flair
Rip Oliver vs Brett "Hacksaw" Sawyer
Buzz Sawyer video to promote his return to
Portland to tag with brother Hacksaw
Brett Sawyer Interview
Another Rose video...this one with Vince McMahon
DISC #24
10/9/82...1:13....Complete show without commercials
The show begins with the announcement of the death of
Portland Wrestling announcer Frank
Paul Ellering vs Stan Stasiak
Playboy Buddy Rose video with The Grand Wizard & Vince
McMahon promoting his
Portland match with Ric Flair
Chris Adams vs Mike Miller
Paul Ellering Interview
Rip Oliver/Shiek Ali Hassan/Assassin vs Hack Sawyer/Terry
Gibbs/Steve Pardee
Sawyer/Gibbs/Pardee Interview
The Assassin vs Jesse Barr (joined in
5/7/83.....Minor tracking issues
Jesse Barr vs Chris Colt
4/30/83....Minor tracking issues
Rip Oliver vs Jesse Barr
DISC #25
3/26/83...has some tracking issues
Playboy Buddy Rose vs Curt Henning
Curt Hennig Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview....from his bed as Hennig has
"injured" him
4/10/83...has some tracking issues
End of Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Convict/Ali Hassan
match (Convict is Ed Wiskowski, who played the gimmick for a
few weeks)
Convict Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Roddy Piper Interview from
Atlanta promoting his upcoming
Portland match with Ric Flair
4/23/83...has some tracking issues from time to time
Convict vs Curt Hennig - final fall
Curt Hennig Interview with Shiek Ali Hassan run in to bloddy
up Hennig
5/7/83...has some tracking issues from time to time
Playboy Buddy Rose Interview as he returns from his injury
End of Assassin/Curt Hennig match as Rose runs in
Buddy Rose vs Ron Richie
Battle Royal featuring Buddy Rose, Curt Hennig, Assassin,
Billy Jack, Chris Colt, Al Madril, Brian Adidas, The Shiek, Manny
Cruz, Cheif Tapu & Great Tia
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig post battle royal interview
5/14/83....tracking is still an issue from time to time
Roddy Piper Interview
Buddy Rose vs Curt Hennig
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig Interview
Ric Flair Interview
6/25/83.....1:08...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Scott Ferris vs Ron Richie (partial)
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Dynamite Kid/Rip
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig Interview
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack Interview after Hennig is injured
Al Madril vs Chris Colt
Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
DISC #26
7/23/83...1:00...7/23/83....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Curt Hennig/Scott Ferris (joined in progress)
Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Rip Oliver//Assassin vs Buddy Rose/Billy Jack
Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig Interview
Curt Hennig Interview
Rip Oliver/Assassin/Buddy Rose/Billy Jack/Curt Hennig post
match interview
11/12/88...1:00...GREAT QUALITY!!!
Al Madril vs Mike Golden
During the above match, Playboy Buddy Rose attacks Rex King
in the Crow's News and start cutting his hair as
Top Gun makes the save
Top Gun Interview
Scott Petersen vs Abudda-Dein...Grappler & Steve Doll run
Grappler/Abudda-Dein/Matt Borne Interview
Buddy Rose vs Art Barr
Buddy Rose Interview
Grappler vs Top Gun....ends with a Buddy Rose & Matt
Borne run in
Mike Golden/Scott Peterson/Steve Doll Interview
Buddy Rose/Matt Borne/Grappler/Abudda-Dein Interview
DISC #27
9/3/83....1:00....GREAT QUALITY!!!
Brian Adias vs Mike Miller
Al Madril vs Jules Strongbow
Dynamite Kid/Rip Oliver/Assassin Interview
Dynamite Kid/Assassin vs Playboy Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview (2x)
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
9/10/83...1:15...Complete show w/ a few commercials...GREAT
Scott Ferris vs Sivi Afi
Mike Miller vs Al Madril
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack vs Dynamite Kid/Rip
Buddy Rose Interview
Rip Oliver/Dynamite Kid/Assassin Interview
Buddy Rose/Curt Hennig/Billy Jack Interview
DISC #28
12/3/88....1:06...complete show with no commercials
Top Gun vs Abudda-Dein (coal miners glove
match w/Buddy Rose run-in)
Al Madril vs Steve Doll
Top Gun Interview
Super Clash III Promo
Art Barr vs CW Bergstrom
Abudda-Dein/Buddy Rose Interview (2x)
Steve Doll/Scott Peterson vs Buddy Rose/Art Crews
Top Gun/Steve Doll/Scot Peterson Interview
Bonus footage:
WCW: Dennis Condrey/Randy Rose/Paul E. Dangerously attack Jim
Cornette/Bobby Eaton/Stan Lane
AWA/ESPN: Scott Hall/Curt Hennig vs Playboy Buddy Rose/Doug
Somers (Col. DeBeers run-in)
Curt Hennig/Scott Hall Interview
Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty Interview
Marty Jannetty vs Buddy Rose (Start and end of match with
Michaels & Sommers run-ins)
Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty Interview
Shawn Michaels/Marty Jannetty vs Buddy Rose/Doug Somers (in
their classic bloodbath match)

DISC #29
Ed Wiskowski vs Jerry Grey
Cuban Assassin vs Mondo Guerrero
Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony Interview
BATTLE ROYAL with Tom Pritchard, Bobby
Jaggers, Billy Two Eagles, Don Running Bear,
Mike Miller, Mr. Ebony, Cuban Assassin,
Ed Wiskowski, Jerry Grey, Kendo Nagasaki,
Mando Guerrero & Sivi
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Mike Miller vs Don Running Bear
Tom Pritchard Interview
Mike Miller Interview

Bobby Jaggers vs Sivi Afa
Cuban Assassin vs Jerry Grey
Kendo Nagasaki/Ed Wiskowski
Billy Two Eagles/Don Running Bear vs
Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony
Mike Miller/Mr. Ebony Interview
Cuban Assassin Interview
Tom Pritchard Interview

DISC #30

Mike Miller vs Jerry Grey
Bobby Jaggers vs Mr. Ebony
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Tom Pritchard vs Cuban Assassin
Mike Miller Interview
Tom Pritchard Interview

Kendo Nagasaki vs Mando Guerrero
Bobby Jaggers vs Mike Miller (Jaggers
presented with new PNW belt)
Ed Wiskowski/Kendo Nagasaki
Bobby Jaggers/Mike Miller post match
interview after Miller steals new belt

DISC #31

Billy Jack Haynes vs Keno Nagasaki
Bobby Jaggers Interview
Ed Wiskowski/Kendo Nagasaki
Billy Jack Haynes/Ed Wiskowski post
match interview

2/9/85 & 2/23/85....39:00....GREAT
Bobby Jaggers vs Cuban Assassin
(bloody) 2/9/85
Bobby Jaggers vs Mike Miller's "mystery
opponent" Karl Steiner (bloody) 2/23/85
Bobby Jaggers/Billy Jack Haynes
Interview 2/23/85

End of Billy Jack Haynes/Rip Oliver
match with Bobby Jaggers heel turn
Bobby Jaggers/Rip Oliver

Billy Jack Haynes vs Bobby
Rip Oliver & Bobby Jaggers attack
Billy Jack Haynes & Promoter Barry Owen with BJH's
trophy that he won in
Japan. Don Owen announces that Oliver is barred from
the Pacific
Northwest "forever."

DISC #32
6/28/86....47:00....complete show with no
Scott Doring vs Tarzan White
Nick Kiniski/Tama Samoa/Stoney Burke
Rocky Johnson vs Rip Oliver
Mike Miller/Abudda-Dein Interview
Brady Boone vs Abudda-Dein
Coco Samoa/Brady Boone Interview

7/5/86....47:00....complete show with no
Mike Miller vs Joey Jackson
Stoney Burke Interview
Tarzan White vs Stoney Burke
Brady Boone/Scott Doring Interview
Abudda-Dein vs Scott Doring
Mike Miller/Adubba-Dein Interview
Rip Oliver Interview

DISC #33
7/12/86....48:00....complete show with no
Tama Samoa vs Tarzan White
Ricky Santana Portland debut interview with Scott
Brady Boone vs Joey Jackson
Coco Samoa/Brady Boone Interview
Rip Oliver vs Coco Samoa
Mike Miller/Abudda-Dein/Rip Oliver Interview

7/19/86...48:00....complete show with no
Stoney Burke vs Tama Samoa
Ricky Santana/Vinnie Valentino Interview
Chris Colt vs Ricky Santana
Coco Samoa Interview
Coco Samoa vs Rip Oliver
Brady Boone/Scott Doring Interview
Rip Oliver/Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview

DISC #34
7/26/86....48:00....complete show with no
Chris Colt vs Tama Samoa
Coco Samoa/Ricky Santana Interview
Ricky Santana vs Joey Jackson
Scott Doring/Brady Boone Interview
Rip Oliver vs Coco Samoa
Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview
Coco Samoa/Scott Doring/Brady Boone Interview

8/9/86....48:00....complete show with no
Tama Samoa vs Stoney Burke
Coco Samoa/Ricky Santana Interview
Rip Oliver/Abuda-Dein vs Scott Doring/Brady
Brady Boone/Scott Doring Interview
Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview
Rip Oliver/Mike Miller/Abuda-Dein Interview

8/16/86....38:00...has some tracking issues from
time to time
Verne Siebert vs Scott Doring
Mike Miller/Abudda-Dein Interview
Vinnie Valentino vs Abudda-Dein
Ricky Santana/Coco Samoa Interview

DISC #35
Dynamite Kid/Assassin vs Buddy
Rose/Billy Jack

Buddy Rose vs Assassin

Billy Jack vs Rip Oliver (video
has an odd light tint)
Rip Oliver Interview
Bobby Jaggers Interview

DISC #36
4/14/90....complete show with commercials
(features Scotty The Body & Taylor Made
Media (Terri Power) on commentary)
Ricky Santana vs Joey Jackson
Curtis Thompson vs Bill Francis
Scott the Body arm wrestling challenge is won by
a surprise appearance by Roddy Piper!!!
Billy Jack Haynes/Rip Oliver/Larry Oliver vs
Grappler/Brian Adams/Equalizer (This is Billy Jack's infamous heel
Billy Jack Haynes post match (shoot?)
The Juicers (Art Barr & JW Storm) vs Scott
the Body & Al Madrill
Billy Jack cheats to draw Larry Oliver's name in
next week's PNW belt tournement
DISC #37 (1:56) & #38 (2:17)
The infamous face turn of Playboy Buddy Rose
starting in the spring of 1983. Quality does vary, but since this
angle is often requested and is one of the most memorable angles in
Portland Wrestling history, I'm including all footage leading up to
and after the angle.
DISC #39 (2:12)

Overall quality is good

12/12/82...Rip Oliver & Assassin vs Stan Stasiak &
Billy Jack (Stasiak & BJ win belts)

2/19/83....Matt Borne vs Billy Jack

2/26/83....Chris Adams vs Playboy Buddy Rose

3/26/83....Curt Hennig vs Playboy Buddy Rose

4/23/83....Curt Hennig vs The Convict (Ed Wiskowski)

4/23/83....Curt Hennig Interview (is attacked by The Arab)

5/14/83....Roddy Piper Interview

5/14/83....Roddy Piper/Billy Jack vs Ric Flair/Rip Oliver

5/14/83....Ric Flair Interview

DISC #40

3/1/80 …..Roddy Piper vs Luke Williams Hair Match
3/1/80….. Butch Miller/Buddy Rose Interview
3/15/80… Sheepherders vs Roddy Piper & Rick Martell (2/3
3/15/80….Piper/Martell/Rose/Sheepherders Post Match
3/22/80….Buddy Rose vs Steve Pardee
(2/3 falls…Pardee does a massive blade
3/22/80….Piper Interview
4/26/80….Rose vs Martell
5/3/80…..Sheepherders vs Piper & Martell
5/3/80…..Sheepherders/Rose/Piper/Martell/Sandy Barr Post
Match Interview

DISC #41

5/17/80….Rose vs Martell
(2/3 falls…ends with run in from
Sheepherders/Piper & Dutch Savage)
5/17/80….Dutch Savage Interview
5/17/80….Rose’s Army Interview (Rose &
5/24/80….Martell/Piper Interview
5/24/80….Savage/Piper/Martell vs Rose’s Army (2/3
5/24/80….Rose’s Army Interview
5/31/80….Rose’s Army Interview
5/31/80….Sheepherders vs Piper/Martell
(2/3 falls…Rose run in loses match for
Miller/Williams, who turn on Rose and become faces)
5/31/80….Piper/Martell Interview
5/31/80….Sheepherders Post Match Interview (bloody)
5/31/80….Igor Volkoff vs Mike Hennessy
5/31/80….Rose Interview (Butch Miller run in)

DISC #42….(2:00)

6/7/80…..Piper/Martell Interview
6/7/80…..Sheepherders Interview
6/7/80…..Miller vs Rose (2/3 falls that ends with a locker
room emptying in-ring pull apart)
6/7/80…..Rose Interview
6/7/80…..Miller Post Match Interview (bloody)
6/14/80…Battle Royal with Roddy Piper, Rick Martell, Tony
Borne, Buddy Rose, Rip Rogers, Butch Miller, Luke Williams, Steve
Pardee, Chris Colt, Mike Hennessy, Igol Volkoff & Sal
Martino……the last three in the ring are Rose,
Williams & Miller, until a masked “fan” enters the
ring with a cane.
It’s the return of Ed Wiskowski.
Since this was a few weeks after the
eruption of Mt. St. Helens, the face mask was a common sight around
It looks like security really thought it
was a fan as they also entered the ring!
6/14/80….Wiskowski/Rose Interview
6/21/80…Rip Rogers vs Piper (2/3 falls)
6/21/80…Rogers & Rose Interview
6/21/80…Piper Interview
6/21/80…Miller vs Rose
6/21/80…Piper/Sheepherders Interview
6/21/80…Rose/Wiskowski/Rogers Interview (loser leave town
7/19/80…Jesse Barr vs Piper
7/19/80…Rose Interview
7/19/80…Jonathan Boyd/Sheepherders vs Rose/Wiskowski/Fidel
(first fall only….rest of match is on
disc #43)

DISC #43

7/19/80....Sheepherders Interview
7/19/80….Final two falls of Boyd/Sheepherders vs
Rose/Wiskowski/Cortez from Disc #42
7/19/80….Martell Interview
7/19/80….Sheepherders Interview
7/26/80….Boyd vs Piper
7/26/80….Sheepherders Interview
7/26/80….Boyd Interview
7/26/80….Rose Interview
7/26/80….Sheepherders announce they are leaving PNW and want
to give their tag belts to Piper & Martell
8/2/80…..Rose Interview
8/2/80…..Rose/Wiskowski vs Piper/Martell (2/3 falls)
8/2/80…..Martell Interview
8/2/80…..Boyd Interview
8/2/80…..Piper/Martell Interview
8/9/80…..Rose/Martell (2/3 falls)
8/9/80…..Piper Interview
8/9/80…..Rose Interview
8/9/80…..Tough Tony Borne vs Roddy Piper
8/9/80…..Martell gets some kind of trophy and guess what?
Rose comes to the ring and destroys


7/5/80…..Ed Wiskowski Interview
7/5/80…..Rose/Wiskowski vs Sheepherders (2/3/falls)
7/5/80…..Rose/Wiskowski Interview
7/5/80…..Dutch Savage/Roddy Piper/Sheepherders (Miller &
Williams) Interview
7/12/80…Sheepherders vs Igor Volkoff/Rocky Delessarra
(Rose/Wiskowski run in)
7/12/80…Rose/Wiskowski Interview…with two of
Rose’s “ladies”
7/12/80…Martell vs Wiskowski
(2/3 falls)
7/12/80…Piper Interview
7/12/80…Sheepherders/Rose/Wiskowski/Cortez Interview
8/16/80…..Rose/Wiskowski Interview….Rose strips down
to a Superman costume!
8/16/80…..Piper Interview
8/16/80…..Piper vs Igor Volkoff
8/16/80…..Boyd Interview
8/16/80…..Piper Interview
8/23/80….Rose vs Mike Popovitch…..Popovitch was a
star football player for the Oregon Ducks who just happened to come
out of the crowd when Don Owen announced that he was “short
of wrestlers tonight.”
8/23/80….Rose/Wiskowski Interview
8/23/80….Piper/Wiskowski…, end of this 2/3 falls
match on Disc #45
DISC #45

8/23/80….Piper/Wiskowski….end of match that is
started on Disc #44
(Rose run in)
8/23/80….Boyd Interview
8/23/80….Piper post match interview (bloody)
8/30/80….Rose/Wiskowski Interview
8/30/80….Mike Popovitch/Ed Wiskowski (2/3 falls)
8/30/80….Rose with his newest Army member, Rip Oliver
8/30/80….Battle Royal with Mike Popovitch, Fidel Cortez,
Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver, Stan Stasiak, Eric Emery, Ed Wiskowski,
Ricky Hunter, Rocky Delessarra, Johnny Boyd, Joe Lightfoot &
Chris Colt
8/30/80….Rose/Wiskowski/Cortez Interview
9/??/80….Rose Interview
9/??/80….Piper Interview
9/??/80….Dutch Savage Interview
9/6/80……Rip Oliver/Buddy Rose/Roddy Piper/Mike
(last few minutes of the match)
9/6/80……Rose post match interview.…Piper runs
in and takes off Rose famous mask with the blonde hair
9/13/80….Rose/Piper (2/3 falls)
9/13/80….Rose’s Army post match interview
9/20/80….Boyd Interview
9/20/80….Rose Interview
9/20/80….Oliver/Cortez Interview
9/20/80….Gene Kininski
9/20/80….Boyd/Popovitch Interview
9/27/80….Rose’s Army Interview talking about Piper
losing a loser leave town match on 9/20
9/27/80….Popovitch vs Cortez
(2/3 falls ends with Rose & Boyd run
9/27/80….Rose/Oliver Interview
9/27/80….Boyd Interview
9/27/80….Boyd/Popovitch/Joe Lightfoot post match

DISC #46….3/17/84

...COMPLETE SHOW with no commercials

Steve Pardee vs Sivi Afi
Roddy Piper, Playboy Buddy Rose & Hack Sawyer vs Rip Oliver, Ed
Wiskowski & Assassin
(Matt Borne is the ref and is bloodied up by
Oliver’s team at end of match)
2/3 falls
Oliver/Wiskowski/Assassin Interview
Rose/Borne Interview
Rose is presented with a fan’s trophy in a post match
interview that also ends up including Borne, Piper, Curt Hennig,
Oliver, Wiskowski & Assassin
Doug Sommers vs Jules Strongbow
Oliver, Wiskowski & Assassin Interview
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