Item Description
 * Color: See picture  * Size: 6 CM high in each Buddha stand * Condition: 100% Brand New  * Quantity: 1 set of 6 Pieces  * Description: Welcome to bid on the set of 6 Happy and Lucky Buddha Figurines. Ancient Chinese figurines which almost every Chinese family will get one as ornament at their home. A set of six different behaviour of happy Buddha portrayed and symbolized different good wishes. Detail description below: The happy Buddha carries a wine gourd and a bag, which symbolized a wealthy life. Another one, that holds a fan is waving good fortune to you. Meanwhile, the Buddha who carried a sack of medical herbs, which symbolized healthy life. Also, there is one holding a Chinese gold ingot and sycee that symbolizes prosperity, wealth and happiness. Don't miss the good chance of enriching the decor of your room and bringing more good luck, health and wealth for your life and prevent you from misfortune with these amazing Chinese Gods carvings!