Item Description
"When David Icke's book THE BIGGEST SECRET was published, sniggering at the back of the classroom could be heard when it was revealed that extra-dimensional alien beings which can take the form of humanoid-reptilians have played a major role in Earth's history. This new film continues Chris Everard's SECRET SPACE series of films by investigating if there is any evidence supporting the idea that highly intelligent "star gods" with reptilian features have visited planet Earth. Chris Everard uncovers historical records of alien invasions throughout history leading up to the modern age. Medieval documents tell of an invasion of dragon/reptile like beings in Nice and Genoa in the 1600s, the Sumerian legends of the Annunaki made famous by author Zechariah Sitchin and the amazing "navigation grid" discovered on a remote Peruvian mountain by Erich Von Daniken are all woven into an amazing film.Two hours of solid hardcore research, plus another two hours of interviews and amazing photos from the NASA archives showing vegetation on the surface of Mars presented by Jaime Maussan make this film simply the best UFO documentary ever made. A thoroughly professional film, British film director Chris Everard gives us a grandiose, mystical vision of the known and unknown cosmos. Superb in every respect."

Comes in paper DVD sleeves (no DVD case) and ships next day.