Item Description
Here is a custom made DVD of the classic 1975 made for TV
movie Secret Night Caller, starring Robert Reed. But, what makes
this one stand out is that it's my personal 16mm transfer of this
film, hence explaining where all the other versions of this film,
that have been offered here at Ioffer, are coming from. That said,
why not purchase from the original source. This film stars Robert
Reed in what is without a doubt one of his best acting jobs. He
plays a man who suffers from sever emotional issues which compel
him to make obscene phone calls to you ladies. When an unscrupulous
topless dancer figures out who Reed is, she blackmails him to keep
quiet. This in turn causes him to reach his boiling point. The film
features a tremendous supporting cast including Hope Lange, Sylvia
Sidney, Robin Mattson and Michael Constantine. The 16mm print is in
very decent shape, the transfer smooth, colors corrected as best as
possible, sounds a tad low because it's a mono track split into
two, but audio is just fine otherwise. Comes with nice color
artwork and on an ultra high grade DVD. I have a clip of it up on
YouTube, the opening sequence, so you can check the quality there.
I offer tons of made for TV movies, rare European horror films, and
vintage adult titles, so drop me a line of you're looking for
something specific. Been in this business since 1992!