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Typewriter Ribbon Spool Type

Replaces Olivetti and Sears Black Nylon Ribbons

This Typewriter Ribbon is has a Spool Diameter that is EXACTLY 2 inches and the ribbon is 1/2 in width.  If you do not know how to measure the Spool diameter please give us a call.

Description: Replaces Olivetti 7331556 / Nu-Kote B53. This is a special order ribbon is built on demmand, normally ships within 1-2 business days

We are the Typewriter Experts   Always in stock.
This Typewriter Ribbon is designed to work with all of the following Olivetti Typewriters, Sears Typewriters:

Compatible with the following Typewriters:
ASTRA ADDING â— OLIVETTI 203 â— OLIVETTI 230 â— OLIVETTI 240 â— OLIVETTI 245 â— OLIVETTI 250 â— OLIVETTI 270 â— OLIVETTI AUDIT7 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1502 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1505 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1506 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1512 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1513 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1722 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1723 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1731 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1732 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES1930 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES302 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES502 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES513 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES722 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES723 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES725 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES731 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES732 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES733 â— OLIVETTI AUDITSERIES930 â— OLIVETTI AUTOTRONIC730 â— OLIVETTI COLLEGE â— OLIVETTI EDITOR2F-FABRIC â— OLIVETTI EDITOR3F-FABRIC â— OLIVETTI EDITOR4-FABRIC â— OLIVETTI EDITOR5-FABRIC â— OLIVETTI GRAPHIKA â— OLIVETTI LETTERA21 â— OLIVETTI LETTERA22 â— OLIVETTI LETTERA25 â— OLIVETTI LETTERA31 â— OLIVETTI LETTERA32 â— OLIVETTI LETTERA35 â— OLIVETTI LETTERA36 â— OLIVETTI LETTERA36C â— OLIVETTI LETTERA82 â— OLIVETTI LETTERAS14 â— OLIVETTI LINEA88 â— OLIVETTI LINEA98 â— OLIVETTI LOGOS240 â— OLIVETTI LOGOS245 â— OLIVETTI LOGOS25 â— OLIVETTI LOGOS250 â— OLIVETTI LOGOS270 â— OLIVETTI LOGOS600SERIES â— OLIVETTI MERCATOR5000 â— OLIVETTI MERCATOR5102 â— OLIVETTI MERCATOR5103 â— OLIVETTI MERCATOR5105 â— OLIVETTI MERCATOR5106 â— OLIVETTI P602 â— OLIVETTI P603 â— OLIVETTI P652 â— OLIVETTI PRAXIS48 â— OLIVETTI ROMA â— OLIVETTI SCRIBE â— OLIVETTI STANDARD â— OLIVETTI STUDIO44 â— OLIVETTI STUDIO45 â— OLIVETTI SV40 â— OLIVETTI TE300 â— OLIVETTI TEKNE3 â— SEARS 405.5203 â— SEARS 405.52032 â— SEARS 405.5204 â— SEARS 405.52042 â— SEARS 405.52211 â— SEARS 405.5291 â— SEARS 405.52912 â— SEARS 405.52914 â— SEARS 405.5292 â— SEARS 405.52921 â— SEARS 405.52922 â— SEARS 405.52924 â— SEARS 405.5293 â— SEARS 405.52931 â— SEARS 405.52932 â— SEARS 405.52933 â— SEARS 405.5294 â— SEARS 405.52941 â— SEARS 405.52942 â— SEARS 405.52943 â— SEARS 405.5295 â— SEARS 405.52951 â— SEARS 405.52952 â— SEARS 405.52953 â— SEARS 405.52954 â— SEARS 405.52955 â— SEARS 405.5296 â— SEARS 405.52961 â— SEARS 405.52962 â— SEARS 405.52963 â— SEARS 405.52964 â— SEARS 405.52965 â— SEARS 405.5297 â— SEARS 405.52971 â— SEARS 405.52972 â— SEARS 405.52973 â— SEARS 405.5298 â— SEARS 405.52981 â— SEARS 405.52982 â— SEARS 405.52983 â— SEARS 405.52984 â— SEARS 405.52985 â— SEARS 405.5299 â— SEARS 405.52991 â— SEARS 405.52992 â— SEARS 405.52993 â— SEARS 405.52994 â— SEARS 405.52995 â— SEARS 52010 â— SEARS 52020 â— SEARS 52030 â— SEARS 52032 â— SEARS 52040 â— SEARS 52042 â— SEARS 52050 â— SEARS 52211 â— SEARS 52910 â— SEARS 52912 â— SEARS 52914 â— SEARS 52920 â— SEARS 52921 â— SEARS 52922 â— SEARS 52924 â— SEARS 52930 â— SEARS 52931 â— SEARS 52932 â— SEARS 52933 â— SEARS 52940 â— SEARS 52941 â— SEARS 52942 â— SEARS 52943 â— SEARS 52950 â— SEARS 52951 â— SEARS 52952 â— SEARS 52953 â— SEARS 52954 â— SEARS 52955 â— SEARS 52960 â— SEARS 52961 â— SEARS 52962 â— SEARS 52963 â— SEARS 52964 â— SEARS 52965 â— SEARS 52970 â— SEARS 52971 â— SEARS 52972 â— SEARS 52973 â— SEARS 52980-405 â— SEARS 52981-405 â— SEARS 52982 â— SEARS 52983 â— SEARS 52984 â— SEARS 52985 â— SEARS 52990-405 â— SEARS 52991-405 â— SEARS 52992 â— SEARS 52993 â— SEARS 52994 â— SEARS 52995 â— SEARS 603.5201 â— SEARS 603.5202 â— SEARS 603.5203 â— SEARS 603.5204 â— SEARS 603.5205 â— TOWER CAPRI â— TOWER CENTURION â— TOWER CHIEFTAIN â— TOWER COURIER â— UNDERWOOD 315 

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