Item Description
I have been recording and collecting

for years and have a very nice collection that I am willing
to share with those who would like to be able to

their favorite

whenever they like. Most of these

are not available to be purchased retail and some are very
rarely, if ever aired anymore.
All titles are on DVD-R disc, as aired on

stations such as Lifetime, LMN, Hallmark, ABC Family and
the Disney Channel, commercials are edited, but most will of course
contain occasional pop-up ads or logos in the corner , considering

stations have them. Picture and sound quality is
excellent(9/10), cable

quality, unless otherwise specified.
I will combine Shipping on all US and International
purchases, but the amount is based on weight of package and
I will replace any and all defective discs with the same
NO REFUNDS, due to the ease of modern technology.
If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask I may
have it or be able to get it for you.
The 1999 Made for TV movie(aka- First Comes Love), as aired
on TV, commercial free with a 9/10 picture and sound quality on a
DVD-R disc.
Bennett, who's engaged to his boss's daughter, just lost a
major client for his company. When a letter meant for someone else
is accidentally mailed to his home, Bennett tries to return it to
its author. She turns out to be Robbie, curator of the museum home
of the poet Longfellow which is desperate for funding. Bennett is
drawn to Robbie and decides to help her save the museum. In the
process, he finds himself reevaluating his life.
S/H within the US is $3.00
S/H outside the US is $5.00