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[Material ]Si-Bin Bian-stone [Specification ]100mm*87mm*9mm
[Product Weight] 100 grams Si-Bin Bian-stone therapy has the
following role characteristics: (1) clear the meridians. (2) by
cold dampness, Xiaobi pain. (3) pain, heat, swelling. (4) calm the
nerves. Makes the therapy has a good balance of yin and yang, and
uphold role.(5) anti-radiation anti-fatigue(6)Support of anti-hair
loss, medicine stone pin ã€Special
properties】 Containing more than 30 kinds of
trace elements beneficial to human health and minerals, as well as
more than 16 kinds of rare elements. With 14.5-16.5 in the far
infrared radiation, 3698 under the 20-2000/Hz ultrasound, the
physical properties of nanocrystals class. Special effects Regulate
microcirculation, the spirit of relaxation and improve motor
function. Regulation of local energy, relax muscles and relieve
stress. Stimulate blood flow to help remove blood from the effect
of pain and fatigue factor. Relieve bursitis, sciatica, headaches,
arthritis and premenstrual syndrome symptoms. And the combination
of channels and shu points can be effective in promoting blood
flow, improve microcirculation and inhibit cancer cell growth and
the elimination of excess body fat. ã€For
people】 Suitable for prolonged use of
computers, mobile phones or other devices to electromagnetic
radiation type; Faster pace of work, nervous tension to long-term;
Poor circulation; waist, shoulders and neck are easy to stiff or
pain; Mental pressure to keep up the spirit of relaxation to
restore a person; Constant insomnia, listlessness, who need to
improve physical energy; Immunocompromised, those who need to
improve the physique; Corresponding disease, adjuvant therapy to be
done to people. Notes Non-magnetic products with other health care
products, used in conjunction with other medical devices. Safety
without side effects, long-term use, perpetual. Stone material more
brittle, use and placement process with a hard object should not
touch, scratch, so as to avoid damage. ã€Si-Bin
Efficacy & effect】 Chinese medicine,
acupuncture Shiyou An crisp God, regulating qi and blood, dredging
the meridian, by Stone. Microcrystalline. Infrared and pulse of the
band to achieve a number of treatment and care. Pulse is induced by
friction from the heat wave go into type, and Stone is not just a
simple scraping tools to apply that simple. ancients did not
receive preoperative iron is the treatment of pain by acupuncture.
disorders. ancient acupuncture needle. acupuncture knives and other
medical tools. Modern medicine means testing, Si-Bin Stone can
issue a number of health benefits of far infrared rays and
ultrasonic pulse, and promote micro-circulation, regulating
metabolism, the equivalent of far infrared therapeutic apparatus +
ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus. Because of the color or
appearance alone can not tell whether the top grade of Stone Stone
One implication by his own energy. To stimulate the body`s
potential. Mainly rely on our own rational use of them. That is, he
will use. Only in a reasonable manner to the appropriate location.
Method to the magic of its effectiveness can be . not to bring some
people can be described as everything will be fine. purify liver
and other organs, eliminate excess toxins, can enhance human
immunity round ....... This is the magic stone treatment! The
cervical spondylosis, lumbar, migraine, cerebrovascular prevention
and treatment. Rheumatic effect is particularly significant at a
time when autumn dryness, through acupuncture treatments can be
effective in preventing influenza, the elderly and seriously ill
patients to better effect. Really sick Governance disease, disease
self-defense. A massage effect. That ultrasound can produce the
body`s cells a certain pressure, so that cells have tiny movement,
thereby changing the state of the sick cell, to achieve the purpose
of medical treatment; Second, thermal effects. Ultrasonic energy
that is absorbed by the body, the skin`s blood circulation, fever
in response to the organization, the heat has analgesic, relieve
muscle spasm, improving microcirculation of the role of the state,
etc.; Third, biological effects. That ultrasound can affect the
human body changes in some chemical or biological process, to
change the activity of the enzyme, thus changing the environment
and the human body`s metabolic state of the disease the better
conversion. Fourth, the role of nervous system. Nervous system with
the characteristics of the ultrasound-sensitive, small doses of
ultrasound on nerve inhibition can nerve conduction velocity, which
has a significant analgesic effect. Five other roles. Ultrasound
can increase gastrointestinal motility, gastrointestinal secretion;
coronary heart can expand and improve myocardial blood supply; make
the kidney blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to the
kidney. Thus, Si-Bin pumice good ultrasonic features make it a very
good natural health products. Evaluation of a medical approach not
only depends on its medical effects, but also depends on its health
effects. Care to disease prevention are important. The ancients
emphasized governance "is not sick." People today advocate
precautionary measure, we hope the disease does not occur in the
attention to health, the disease does not occur. Stone therapy has
a good health effect. 1. nbsp;acupuncture Dan Baojian method (1)
forehead sensor [Method] acupuncture board board attached to the
forehead to make sense of law. In the induction process can
acupuncture board by hand, pressed his forehead to acupuncture
board, a sense of law and press law and implemented. [Function]
promote nbsp;blood flow. Prevention and treatment of headache,
dizziness, memory loss, Alzheimer`s, colds, high blood pressure
embolism, slow down the development of forehead wrinkles. (2)
scrape Yintang [Method] The acupuncture board outside the arc plate
edge, as a starting point to Yintang turn to the left, the right
sides scratch test. [Effect] the prevention and treatment of
dizziness, headaches, eye, rhinopathy, colds, high blood pressure
embolism. (3) Li Mei [Method] The acupuncture board`s outer edge by
a curved plate between the two eyebrows, the respective left and
right side eyebrow comb. [Effect] the prevention and treatment of
headaches, eye, ear disease, and facial nerve palsy rhinopathy
embolism. (4) The test project [Method] turn a blind eye, with the
acupuncture board`s outer edge gently curved plate scraping the eye
test, try scraping the direction from the inside out. [Effect] the
prevention and treatment of migraine headaches, eye and facial
nerve palsy embolism. Slow down the development of forehead
wrinkles. (5) hair [Method] Stone as the outer curved edge comb
plate, like her hair long hair as combing the site of the nbsp;
[Function] promote nbsp;blood flow. Prevention and treatment of
colds, dizziness, headache, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease,
memory loss and dementia. Delay gray hair, hair loss. 2. Neck and
shoulders acupuncture Dan Baojian method (1) scratch behind the
neck [Practice] with the acupuncture board`s outside edge from top
to bottom scraping the neck curved back plate. [Effect] the
prevention and treatment of colds, fever, bronchitis, asthma,
strong, and cervical spondylosis and other items. (2) scraping on
both sides of the neck [Practice] with the acupuncture board`s
plate back scratch from top to bottom on both sides of the neck.
[Effect] the prevention and treatment of tinnitus, sore throat,
tonsillitis, and strong items. (3) blowing in front of the neck
[Practice] with the acupuncture board scraping the board from the
top down in front of the neck. [Effect] the prevention and
treatment of high blood pressure, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis,
goiter embolism. (4), shoulder tapping [Practice] acupuncture board
holding the tail, with the acupuncture board the front of the
board, from the inside out, tapping the left and right upper
shoulders. 3. Limbs acupuncture Dan Baojian method (1) scrape the
inside of upper limb [Method] The Stone of the acupuncture arm
scraped the inside of the back from top to bottom. [Function]
promote Yin Meridian of Hand (Hand Tai Yin Lung Meridian,
Pericardium Meridian and Hand Shao Yin Heart Sutra) is smooth.
Prevention and treatment of heart, lung disease, arm pain,
numbness. (2) scrape the outside upper [Method] The Stone of the
outer curved upper plate scraping the outside edge from top to
bottom. [Function] promote Sanyang by hand (hand Yangming Large
Intestine Meridian, Shao Yang triple burner hand and hand through
the small intestine sun) patency. Prevention and treatment of
constipation, diarrhea, arm can not move, and the pain. (3)
scraping the inside leg [Method] The Stone of the board back inside
leg from top to bottom scraping. [Function] promote foot Sanyang by
(full moon spleen, foot Jue Yin Liver Meridian and the foot Shaoyin
kidney), Yinqiao meridians, yin-dimensional vein patency.
Prevention and treatment of liver, kidney disease, leg pain,
numbness, mobility. (4) beat limbs [Method] limbs relax,
acupuncture board with the board beat the limbs, muscle part.
[Effect] fatigue, heat detoxification. ã€Quality
description】 1. Size / Marble: required
material according Arts, pure hand, it is inevitable that the same
product and size there is error, there may be slight appearance of
non-smooth surface, while there may be a natural product formed
punctate, filamentous or irregular-shaped white or gray stone
pattern, a normal Phenomena "> is not a quality problem. 2.
Natural sexual / Uniqueness: acupuncture with raw materials are
natural stone, natural stone pattern formation and their color can
not be completely identical, and not on each baby has a clear stone
pattern, or more, or Marble less, some obvious and some not
obvious, the material itself is gray and black, are a normal part
of natural materials. All products are hand-made process, resulting
not affect the appearance and use of small defects are normal,
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