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Scott Sonnon
Encyclopedia Clubbell Training

The Encyclopedia of Clubbell
® Training culminates over 21,000 hours of real time
coaching by the RMAX faculty of everyone from professional athletes
looking to gain the performance edge to everyday people looking for
a fun, functional fitness.
The Encyclopedia of Clubbell
® Training is the most comprehensive course ever
created involving easy-to-follow, clear-and-simple instructions
teaching you the 7 Key Components of each of the core 140 exercises
in this powerful system of physical transformation. You can just
zip right to the exercise you want to learn and follow along,
although you have nearly
exercises to choose from!
® Training provides a unique blend of functional,
full-range, three-dimensional muscular development that stands in
contradistinction to the problematic limitations of conventional
two-dimensional linear training. Following this system will
transform your health from head to toe, core to periphery, and
bones to skin as you revitalize, re-energize, and reorganize every
unused and over-abused cell in your body.
® Training cascades all of your fitness needs: from
strength, power, stamina, endurance and general health and
longevity to sport specific programs for golf, tennis, volleyball,
football, baseball, soccer and hockey.
® Training increases one's metabolism for a day-long
fat burn, breaks up restrictive adhesions and calcium deposits
around the joints, releases bound tension, generates tremendous
energy and vitality, increases bone density, and prevents injuries.
It’s the most fun that you can possibly have exercising!
Within this 5 DVD Encyclopedia you will find:
Disc I: Key Components, Guidelines, Mechanics and
Disc II: 37 Basic Rhythmic Exercises
Disc III: 46 Basic Ballistic Exercises
Disc IV: 44 Basic Grinding Exercises
Disc V: 13 "Most Popular” Combination Routines