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PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 7 DAYS OR ORDER IS CANCELED, thank you. This DVD set is only available to ship to the USA **** Payment Methods: Only Accepting Google Wallet, Money orders & personal check (sorry only Shipping to the USA). Sorry I don't accept Paypal. If not acceptable please don't buy, thank you. This for Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Complete Season 2 DVD Set, includes all 26 episodes on 4 DVD Discs. Includes Interactive DVD Menus, 16:9 Widesceen, Dolby 5.1 Audio. 10/10 Logo Free quality. Includes DVD Case and Artwork. This dvd is available to fans and buyers, NO sellers or dealers.

The return of the original Mystery Incorporated to Crystal Cove begins a race between the two groups to locate the pieces of an enigmatic alchemical disk, which will point the way to the cursed treasure beneath the town. As the pieces are gathered, it becomes apparent that these two groups are not the only teams of mystery-solvers that have lived in Crystal Cove: many similar groups, always made up of four humans and an animal, have existed, and the secret behind their centuries long connection will reveal the truth behind the Curse of Crystal Cove. The fate of both the gang's friendship and all of reality itself hangs in the balance as extradimensional forces gather in preparation, and the time of Nibiru draws near.

All 26 Season Two Episodes:

1. The Night the Clown Cried
2. The House of the Nightmare Witch
3. The Night the Clown Cried II
4. Web of the Dreamweaver!
5. The Hodag of Horror
6. Art of Darkness!
7. The Gathering Gloom
8. Night on Haunted Mountain
9. Grim Judgment
10. Night Terrors
11. The Midnight Zone
12. Scarebear
13. Wrath of the Krampus
14. Heart of Evil
15. Theater of Doom
16. Aliens Among Us
17. The Horrible Herd
18. Dance of the Undead
19. The Devouring
20. Stand and Deliver
21. The Man in the Mirror
22. Nightmare in Red
23. Dark Night of the Hunters
24. Gates of Gloom,
25. Through the Curtain
26. Come Undone.