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2013 CFA Level 1 Schweser Premium Study Package For 2013 Exams (June/December)

1. Schweser Notes - PDF -2013
This 5-volume set contains a complete analysis of all learning outcome statements, exam tips and strategies,
end-of-reading concept checkers,
end-of-topic self tests, formula sheets, plus an index

2. SchweserPro QBank Software -2013

Reinforce your knowledge and understanding of the CFA curriculum with a powerful question bank that allows you to:
Review 1,000s of multiple choice questions
Build full-length exams and quizzes
Take practice exams online or print them off
View answer explanations and LOS summaries
Create, save and print personal study notes

3. Schweser Video Classes - DVD - 2013 - AVI, will work on windows, mac, Ipad and smart phone

Video classes make it convenient for you to receive expert instruction anytime, anywhere, on the topic of your choice! Discover the relationship within the material and make connections beyond what you would by relying solely on reading the CFA curriculum. Video Classes are available on CD or online.

4. Six Full-length Practice Exams - PDF - 2013 - You'll also get 2012 practice exams, 6 additional full exams to practice what you've learned.

Each exam mimics the length, format, and difficulty of the actual CFA Exam. To see how you scored and to compare your scores against other candidates, you also receive detailed answer explanations with online performance tracking.

5. Schweser's QuickSheet - PDF- 2013

This foldable 6-page, laminated document includes key formulas, definitions, and concepts for a quick review of every major topic in the CFA curriculum.

7. Schweser Secret Sauce - 2012 for now and 2013 when they have being released by march

Schweser's Secret Sauce® is the ideal companion to your more comprehensive study tools like SchweserNotes™ and Instruction. In the months before the CFA® Exam, this handy and compact two-books-in-one combo outlines what you need to know and provides insights on how to apply your hard-earned knowledge successfully on exam day.

8. Schweser Mp3 2012/11
SchweserNotes™ Audio (MP3 or CD) help reinforce your understanding of the CFA® curriculum while you are on a commute, at home, or in the gym. Through professional readings of the SchweserNotes™, we place emphasis on critical concepts so you acquire essential knowledge and maintain top-of-mind awareness of all major topics in the curriculum.
Books and Lectures are in Digital Format. if you have any questions contact me before buying, if its easy email me at